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  1. IT was fun, the wait sucked. Would not do it more than once or twice on a trip though. The kids had the same opinion.
  2. Had two teens on bliss, never bored. But they did like the escape much better. They did not like the location of the club on bliss, and missed the court, and free deck activities. (vs waiting an hour for cars, laser tag).
  3. Los Lobos was the best for us. Great service, really good food., Second would be Teppanyaki. Always a safe choice on NCL Cagney's... was horrid on our trip. Possibly the worse service we have every had on NCL, and we had a great experience with them on the Escape.
  4. Yes, but using a VPN was sloooooow. Got it done, but it was painful. May be better if you got ship to shore calls, and dialed in voice that way.
  5. Ditto... Too bad im here at my desk, and not there...
  6. No issues here as well. I always reach out to our rep, he has always been spot on. On board... well that can be hit or miss, there is only so many people and so many problems they can handle.
  7. Talk to coconut divers. Im sure they would take snorkelers out as well, and if not we did see people snorkeling on the left end of half moon bay. The beach there in front of the shop is also not bad, and super empty. When we dove with them it was my daughter and i and a group of land based divers.
  8. Ditto. I normally bring a stack of singles, and tip often. Cant say i have had bad bar pool or bar service on my last few trips. Also, if a server is going above and beyond (for what ever reason) i feel its nice to tip them in cash.
  9. Normally take NCL towels. However my wife did buy some super thin, super absorbent towels (think of a car shammy). I now use them if we are scuba diving. Just because they are much smaller and light. But beach day, ncl towel every time.
  10. It could be that Havana was not very good. We had people walking out on our show. It was really not good.
  11. Learned something years ago... dont order seafood at a steak house... or a steak at a seafood restaurant. never works out. :) there is a crab cake on that app plate?
  12. Thanks for the tips... I'll reach out to happy divers :)
  13. We have a stop coming up in Aruba (January). Any thoughts on dive shops? Dive sites? I know there are several wrecks, and a few planes along with reef diving. We are in port 8 to 8 so a long day. Most of the dive shops online list 9am start. I know thats hard with cruisers. So... any tips on dive shops you have used while on a cruise?
  14. Here is to shots of the beach while we were there... The one family is all that was there. The second picture is where they were doing dive lessons and reef past that. It is like 20-30 minutes from the port but worth it. My wife and other daughter went to one of the local beaches with a cruise tour and hated it. Packed, and vendors everywhere. This was more my speed. Dive shop was very laid back, market near by was empty, the coffee shop had maybe 5 customers. While we were there, there was 0 crowd.
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