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  1. I am happy to see there will be a good mix of ages on the cruise. With all the ship has to offer, we should have a great time.
  2. When we sail, my granddaughter will be 18 and a freshman in college. Her brother will be 17. Time is flying by so fast. I guess I should say young adults instead of teenagers. I still think of them as little kids. 😀
  3. Hello all, we are looking forward to this cruise and welcoming in a new year. My best buddy and I are sailing with my two sons, their lovely wives, two teenagers and a four year old.
  4. ESPN is on the stateroom televisions but it is not the same feed that is in the USA. No college championship game.
  5. I'm really bummed that HAL is not televising the NCAA football championship this year. After following teams all year, I'm not able to watch the season ending game.
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