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  1. I love to wear the Carnival robe after a shower, but I turn it inside-out so the softer side is against my skin and the rougher side is out. Feels much better, especially if you get a little sunburned.
  2. Thanks so much for doing this review. It got me through the last few weeks before my Dream cruise on April 14! We also did the Cajun Pride tour with Captain Danny when the tour I originally booked was canceled, and the St. Louis Cemetery tour the morning of the cruise, both based on your review. Looking forward to reading your other reviews! Happy traveling!
  3. We did exactly that type of tour last April. When you get off the ship, go through the port shopping area to the taxi area. There are a bunch of pre-set taxi tours that include tour, with stops at shopping areas and beaches. There are large signs with your options on them. The more people that get in the van, the cheaper it is per person. We went to two shopping areas, and to Maho Beach and Orient Beach, and several scenic overlook areas. We were at Maho for 1.5 hours, long enough to eat, swim, and see a jumbo jet land. Another passenger in our taxi was over 30 minutes late returning to the taxi at the Marigot shopping stop, and that cut short our Orient Beach time, but there is not much there anymore, which is sad to see. I just checked my travel journal--we paid $25 per person, for the Yellow Tour, eight people in the van.
  4. Thanks so much for the info! I had my cemetery tour booked with another company, but I just cancelled and rebooked with Free Tours by Foot. We are staying at the Courtyard/Marriott Iberville so the FTBF meeting location is actually closer to our hotel. My DH likes to be the first one at the port, but I am not going to miss touring this cemetery! We are platinum, so I think we can pretty much get there anytime, but I did choose 11:30 to 12 for check in appointment, and it looks like that is a good timeframe for doing this tour as well. The weekend we are there is also French Quarter Fest, but I'm not going to stress over the traffic. I'll leave that to DH! Looking forward to your thoughts on the Dream. We have been on her once before in 2010 with a large group of family.
  5. Great review! We are doing a plantation/swamp tour Saturday morning before cruise day as well. I am curious as to the timing of your cemetery tour--I have one booked at 9:30 am on embark day, and my DH is flipping out about getting to the ship. Is it truly an hour tour, or does it go over? What time did you get to the ship?
  6. Great review so far, eager to read more! Thanks for doing this review--we are going on Dream April 14 (different itinerary though), and doing very similar NOLA activities leading up to the cruise.
  7. We learned something similar last year. DH and I were up near the Fascination slides, taking pics of the whale tale and St. Maarten, using my little photography sphere. After about two seconds of holding it while I took a pic, DH started jumping and yelling and juggling the glass ball. I thought he got stung by a bee. But no, the sphere was magnifying the sun and burning his fingers! Lesson learned! I got a good photo though!
  8. My husband once laid out a pair of his jeans, stuffed with towels, about half under the bed. Then he arranged his sneakers face down near the cuffs, so it looked like he had crawled under the bed and got stuck. I walked in and spoiled his joke, but we left it for the steward, and lurked in my sister's room next door, to make sure he didn't freak out when he went in to turn down our room. He didn't freak out--he thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. He brought his assistants over to see it, and I think they even took pictures.
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