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  1. Thanks for the apology 🙂 I did not know the ship will likely offer a lanyard - cool !
  2. I am asking nicely - please do not poke fun of me. I was only trying to help. We are about to go on our 1st cruise. I keep this list so that when my husband and I travel, I can go through the list and pick and choose what to take or not take, but know that I will not forget anything. Lanyard was on the list so my husband will not forget his work badge when he travels for work. I do not know if loofah is the right word - I often take a small spongy-like thing that I use instead of a cloth.
  3. Did not include clothing on this list. bath gel batteries biodegradable sunscreen binoculars/monocular bug spray cap denture brush denture toothpaste dentures deodorant deodorant downy wrinkle release drink cups ear plugs fan flash drive flashlight hair detangler hairbrush hand sanitizer hats/sunglasses lanyards laptop charger loofah
  4. My husband and I are sailing to Cozumel in 2 weeks. We have booked a private dune buggy tour with http://cozumelcruiseexcursions.net. You can tell them where you want to visit on the island and off you go with a private tour guide. This includes entrance fees to Punta Sur Ecological Park and lighthouse, a tequila tasting. and then snorkeling and lunch at Playa Uvas. Just a few of the places you can visit on the tour: Wild side of the island San Gervasio Mayan RuinsEl Cedral (Small Mayan Village with small ruins)Beach Bar/RestaurantsShoppingSan Miguel Tour (Tour the Small
  5. $260 USD you can rent a private sailboat with a captain for the 2 of you to go sailing for the day. https://www.mahaloboats.com/our-boats Yemaya $5,000.00 mxn ($260.00 USD) - Sailboat for max 8 people. - Includes captain, ice, non-alcoholic beverages, water and snacks. - 6 hours.
  6. https://www.boredpanda.com/blind-engineer-invents-smart-cane-wewalk/?fbclid=IwAR1oP94yw5m0xXkJz0IczueDHvZI-WEBDhWd1DWeoTAzyIvhq9eiTZkW56E&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=organic
  7. If i make a purchase in an on board gift shop, will i need to pay cash? or will it go on my sign and sail account? What about playing in the the arcade? Cash?
  8. This is our cooler: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-6-Can-Premium-Cooler/834391298?athcpid=834391298&athpgid=athenaItemPage&athcgid=null&athznid=PWVUB&athieid=v0&athstid=CS020&athguid=56e75269-a90-16d5bf1809cce7&athancid=null&athena=true
  9. You can use the spa showers. Store suitcases under the bed Have the steward remove the coffee table if you need more foot room Store dirty clothes in the suitcases under the bed ask for twice per day room service-this will stop towels from piling up. commander or magnetic hooks for hanging hats, purses, towels, etc.
  10. Per the Carnival website, I know it is okay to take a cooler no larger than 12"x12"x12". Do you think it would be okay if my cooler is 14"X12"X7"? How picky are they?
  11. We sent our renewal request in on September 3rd. Got an email stating they received and were reviewing on September 5th. Got another email on September 18th stating passport renewal had been approved and they were being mailed. Per this email, we should be getting them on or around September 24th. So, approximately 3 weeks from sending in to receiving in mail.
  12. whats the name of the bbq joint?? I didnt know Valor had a place to get bbq!
  13. We will be sailing on November 18th in an ocean view accessible #2465.
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