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  1. If you are willing to "jump over" to Oceania from Azamara, why not also try Viking Ocean? We have tried all three (Azamara, Oceania, and Viking) and we find we would be happy to sail with all of them as they are within our boundary of pretty good service standard. We found that Viking in some ways really give Oceania a run for its money. The Viking cruise ships, compared to those "R" ships which both Azamara and Oceania have, are newer with more facilities ! Oceania's "O" ships are good too with 4 speciality restaurants . Meanwhile, for our cruise in mid-May on the Azamara Persuit which has just been cancelled, we aim to ask for a cash refund, and not the FCC. In these uncertain times, in our view, cash in hand is worth more than any credit, 125% or not. To be frank, the resignation of the CEO of Azamara, that unfortunately, does not instil much confidence in us for the future of the cruise line. Having said that, we do hope that Azamara will survive through this challenging period , if only for the reason that they still have some of the best and friendliest captains and crew of any cruise lines.
  2. That was about the Costa Lumiosa. But have you also read about the Costa Pacifica? https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/coronavirus-cruise-ship-brits-held-prisoner-italy-a4393436.html https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8137957/British-pensioners-trapped-cruise-ship-plead-Government-send-Royal-Navy-rescue-them.html
  3. Has anyone read this report in the UK Daily Mail? See: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8135391/British-pensioners-scuffle-cruise-ship-crew-taken-coronavirus-struck-Italy.html Was that really true? If there are passenger reading this, and who were on board the Costa Pacific on this cruise, perhaps you could give us your take on this and provide us with more information?
  4. Wish Captain Carl is the Prime Minister of the UK, instead of the PM which we have got at the moment. Captain Carl would at least instil confidence and leadership to the British public during this time of uncertainty. (By the way, if I recall, Captain Carl is English).
  5. If you are disembarking in Valparaiso, please note that the distance from Valparaiso to Santiago/Santiago airport is about 120 km. If you are flying back from Santiago airport to your respective home cities, please make sure that Azamara has also arranged transfer from Valparaiso to Santiago airport. Correct me if I am mistaken but Valparaiso port, from what I remembered, it does not have a lot of transport facilities to transfer cruise passengers from the port to Santiago Airport. Any few taxis there are, the fares are sky high. WARNING ON DISEMBARKING AND ENTERING CHILE Plus, Chile is very STRICT on what it does not allow to be taken through customs, with heavy fines if you break their rule (law)? Their rule is probably one of the strictest in the whole world, no kidding. That includes prohibiting the entry of practically all foodstuffs and items made of wood. Before disembarking in Valparaiso, on the ship, I cleaned my suitcase three times. Some years before that, I might have a packet of crisps, a bar or chocolate , or an apple, or something , in the suite case, so the scent was still there (even though the "offending" item is long gone). At Valparaiso cruise terminal, the security Alsatian dogs smelt that scent , I was taken aside and my suit case was checked. Fortunately, they let me through when they found nothing, but I felt really uncomfortable. SO PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR SUITCASE WHEN YOU GO THROUGH VALPARAISO CRUISE TERMINAL.
  6. We might try that with our Azamara cruise booking too. As for how FCC is documented, we have another cruise booked with Oceania later in the year through a travel agent. We called the travel agent and were informed that if we cancelled the cruise, whatever we had paid would be registered with the cruise line in the data system of the cruise line. And when it is time for us to book a new cruise with that cruise line, they will just take the amount of cruise credit off the total cost of the new cruise. You need to check this with Azamara, but the arrangement might be similar. Of course, any cruise credit is only of value if the cruise line company survives. If it folds or closes down , any cruise credit offered to its customers would be worth nothing. In this climate of uncertainty, nothing can be guaranteed (or perhaps you might disagree with that view point?). What is more, even if the cruise line survives long enough for you to use your cruise credit, next year, the cruise prices might be so much higher , that it means the value of your cruise credit would be diminished. Also, the cruise line might also not have the cruises visiting the ports you want to go to. FCCs may benefit the cruise companies because they can keep your money, but less so for the passengers. For passengers, full cash refund should be the desired option.
  7. That's interesting that you received 50 percent FCC and 50 percent refund. I had thought Azamara only gives 100 percent FCC/credit and 0 percent refund. How did you managed that? Did you purchase the ticket directly through Azamara ?
  8. Thanks for answering me so promptly. I also wonder if we take the FCC from Azamara, and supposing Azamara is forced to close down (hope it won't but nothing seems to be certain in this climate) before we could use our FCC, I wonder what the insurance would do? I read somewhere that Insurance companies view is that if you book your cruise with FCC credits , and if you fail to get that cruise for whatever reason, they will not compensate you. It is unlike paying cash to purchase a cruise which they may consider compensating you. I wonder if you have asked your insurance company about that? I will certainly be going to ask mine.
  9. There is something I am not very clear about with regards to your insurance. 1) If you are British, andover 70 and if you decide to cancel your cruise within 31 days, following the advice of the British Govt/FCO , what happens when Azamara would still hold on to your money and it only offersyou with a FCC but NOT really giving you back a full cash refund (which is what its policy is at the moment, am I correct)? Would your insurance pay you in cash as compensation? 2) If your husband (or wife) is under 70 but traveling with you, if both of you cancel the cruise (he cannot travel alone in a cabin booked for two!) , will your insurance compensation cover your partner as well?
  10. You may agree that in the cruise line market, Viking Cruises are a class act ! They are nimble and they think on their feet.
  11. You can caste off your doubts now as Viking is offering cash refunds ! http://docs.vikingcruises.com/pdf/TH_CXL-Operations-Letter_PDF-for-Email.pdf
  12. This is how I managed to stop the IRRITATING, UNWELCOME and ENVIROMENTALLY UNFRIENDLY marketing garbage which Oceania sent to me . I called Oceania and spoke to one of their reps. They have my details on their computer. I told the Oceania rep. that I did not want their marketing brochures, etc., and if they insist on sending them to me, I would make sure I will NEVER cruise with Oceania again. I think I also asked to raised it as an Official Complaint. That suggestion of their not getting any future business from me if they continued to annoy me , and also making an official complaint, that seemed to work! I haven''t got their marketing trash for ages now. My feeling is, like any business, they do not like: 1) The idea of losing business 2) Logging on official complaints. You might like to try that and see. However, if it does not happen the first time, do not give up. I would suggest call them again and make another official complaint but this time, ask to speak to a supervisor.
  13. Where did you read this? I went to the Celebrity discussion board and could not find news on the Constellation with regards to Mumbai. I could not find that information anywhere related to that matter on the rest of the internet either. Could you direct me to those online site which gave out this news? Thanks.
  14. Azamara may have changed their policy to make it easier for passengers to cancel their cruises for FCC, but it does not appear they are giving any news of their decision what to do with cruise ships stopping at Italian ports ( The ships in question, include Azamara Quest, and Azamara Persuit visiting Italy in May). Hope Azamara management will make some decision about these affected schedules soon. If the cruise ships stop at Italian ports, that may also affect decisions for passengers on the next cruises after they come from Italy, whether they would want to risk taking the following cruise(s), or cancel them altogether. An example is for the Azamara Persuit. After it has done its cruise from Civitavecchia-Lisbon (May 4th-May 14th, 2020), it will start their next cruise from Lisbon-Southampton (May 14th-23rd, 2020). At the moment, please correct me if I am mistaken, their cruises visiting Italy has still not yet been changed.
  15. You might like to visit this page regarding the new cancellation policy: https://www.azamara.com/int/cruise-with-confidence?icid=aza_brnd_b_int_vb_oth_aza_confidence_hp_hero_3062020_ If you have any other questions here are some useful telephone numbers: 1-833-292-2292 (US/Canada)0333 242 5970 (UK/Ireland)1-800-754-500 (Australia/New Zealand)
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