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  1. The rendering is obviously missing a lot of detail. I see three basketball nets on the port side but it looks like it's set up for shooting hoops, no court. The starboard side does look like mini golf.
  2. LOL, it will have a pool and probably lots of hot tubs too.
  3. From the renderings it looks like the basketball court area could be a smoking area, and the terraced area is adjacent to the bar or eating area.
  4. Ironic from a western perspective to replace the basketball court with a smoking area but that’s probably what it is.
  5. It looks like it has 18 decks now (assuming there is no deck 13 again).
  6. It's hard to tell but it sure looks like there are staterooms where the Windjammer should be, no aft facing loft suites, and some sort of interior space under the green "garden" area where the basketball court should be (maybe that's the Windjammer). There's a terraced outdoor pavilion where the starboard FlowRider should be.
  7. I offered it as a comparison measurement. RC operates in a world with many zeros at the end of the numbers.
  8. That's the revenue from 3 or 4 sailings I'd wager.
  9. I had read a while ago in the Bahamian press that they were looking to purchase a secondhand dock, but that seemed like a very preliminary statement and I haven't heard anything since.
  10. What do you think GBSY is going to do to replace the dock?
  11. I would venture a guess that the Southeast Asian shipyards are in a better financial position to build new docks than GBSY, which could make offers to take one of the older docks from those other shipyards as new ones come online.
  12. In all likelihood they will buy one secondhand and float it in.
  13. NextCruise may have raffle prizes for booking during the first few days of the cruise. I think we once won $200 OBC that turned into a Kate Spade handbag.
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