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  1. Captain Kate said it was the travel restriction that was holding up her relief, but she didn't mention the no-sail order. It makes sense that it's probably both reasons, but in any event they have been swapping crew in the Bahamas as part of the repatriation but not taking on any relief.
  2. As an example, Celebrity Edge needs about 80 crew minimum with about a dozen officers but has about 130 active to support the non-working crew who remain on board. There is no rotation since most of the relief crew can't enter the U.S. to get to the ship. Captain Kate said that she has been in command since December with no end in sight.
  3. When they were dragging the third pod, they had to reduce speed to limit further damage to it. I don't think removing the blades was part of the original plan. In the fall they reevaluated and decided that even at reduced speed there was more damage occurring, so they removed the blades, which also removed the speed restriction but by then all of the itineraries were already changed.
  4. There is no one on board to do that kind of work. Even the essential crew can't get off to go home at the end of their contracts. 100+ days at sea since the shutdown.
  5. The Oasis class ships are overpowered by design. They could do fine on two pods, but having three gives them much more ability to maneuver in strong winds and currents without tug assistance, and power to make up time when needed.
  6. Thanks. Also do you know when Lift & Shift ends? The RC site says it has to be requested by August 1 but I saw something elsewhere that said July 10 and as usual the Internet is full of bad info.
  7. Two questions: 1) Do you need to submit three preferences (I'm only interested in one of the choices), and 2) can you request a specific cabin number?
  8. Tomorrow would have been the day Oasis arrived at Portland, Maine, for the first and probably only time. Oh what a sight that would have been with a 5 am sunrise. Squint at this pic and use your imagination. Maybe in 2022? 🙂
  9. There have been many incremental improvements throughout the ship that add up. One of the crew told me that more efficient lighting makes a big difference. That may also depend on the assumption that the lights will automatically turn off when the cabins are unoccupied. Which they won't if you leave a card in the light switch.
  10. I don't understand why some people keep mentioning reducing food waste at the buffet over and over again as if it is such a huge problem. Everything about cruising is an indulgence. What about the carbon footprint of cruising. Why focus on the food? There always seems to be plenty to go around.
  11. I’ve seen it done. Every item on a separate plate. You pick and choose. Or take two if you want a larger portion. Rectangular plates to fit on a tray.
  12. I predict that the food will be pre-plated and you’ll just grab and go.
  13. I wonder, do they count plated food as "wasted?" Are they counting the amount that is scraped off of people's plates? I think most of the waste comes from oversupplying the ship. They always carry a few extra days of provisions just in case and some of it spoils before they can use it.
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