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  1. It just stings a little more because we had originally planned to take this transatlantic cruise in 2020, this was not a Covid-related cancellation, and it significantly impacted the guests willing to pay a premium for a suite. They will be milking this launch with someone else's money now (assuming I ever get my refund).
  2. Thank you for the update. I hope the system is back up soon. I will wait a while longer before trying again.
  3. I just tried to call Royal. The agent told me the reservations systems are down (this after being on hold for 15 minutes). No estimate as to when they will be back up.
  4. The deck plans are not reliable for determining obstructed view, but it could just be that there is a balcony wall that is at a funny angle such that it partially obstructs the view of the ocean from inside the cabin.
  5. Just wondering because something similar happened to me. The cruise was chartered and the original email from Royal went to my junk folder and I never saw it. After the deadline passed they automatically canceled my reservation. Fortunately I was able to rebook another cruise without penalty but it took some arm twisting.
  6. Not sure what you mean. All of the CLS are close to the aft elevators, and most venues are a short walk from there. Having two bathrooms makes it easy for both of us to get ready to go out to dinner at the same time. It can be rationalized any way you want, but two bathrooms is always better than one in my book.
  7. IMHO the CLS is worth more than an OS. Semi-private deck next to the SL/CK, two bathrooms, extra deep balcony, and the loft are all unique.
  8. The ferry to St. John drops you within walking distance of the park visitor center but you will need to take a taxi to see other parts of the park as it spans most of the island. In my opinion the beaches are the best attraction but there are some trails to explore. But you will be rushed because of the time it takes to get from St. Thomas to St. John and back only leaves a few hours to explore.
  9. They could probably find a way to price protect on a different cruise, as they have done before, or offer a better deal like unlimited dining, but not this time.
  10. Even if true, I don't think that is the right way for them to think about it. Impacting the guests who are willing to pay a premium for an upgraded experience sends the message that this is not a company that particularly cares about them. Especially on a transatlantic cruise where the suites sell out more than a year in advance. But we know that Royal is not a luxury line so no surprises here. We reserved a full suite. That product is no longer available to us, and the substitute (JS) is completely different even with the suite perks. A JS is essentially a standard cabin with more space between the walls. On a 14 day TA with many sea days we were looking forward to relaxing in our suite quite a bit, so the cabin is even more important to us than it would be on a shorter Caribbean cruise. The only option left is refund, so that's what it will be. Still waiting to see how much they think they could charge us for the JS, and my bet is that it will be very close to what we were going to pay for the CLS. That's not a good deal IMHO. FWIW, this is the third time Royal has cancelled a cruise on us for reasons not related to Covid in the past couple of years. However, this change from Allure to Wonder is the worst deal they have offered us, by far.
  11. Did they give you a JS on the bump-out with the larger balcony? That's what we got on Deck 11 for being bumped from a CLS on the TA. Not that it really matters. Just curious if others are getting the larger balcony as a consolation prize.
  12. I am not expecting fairness. If an airline bumps me from First Class to coach, all they are required to do is refund the difference between fare paid and full coach fare, which is probably more than anyone else sitting in coach paid. Royal could have simply refunded everyone on Allure and opened up Wonder to all new bookings, but there is an incentive to keep as many reservations as possible and not have to refund them all. At the end of the day what they are doing is working out in their favor, not ours. The number of unhappy customers will not be significant enough to make a difference to them.
  13. On the whole the only people negatively impacted by this are some of the suite guests, most of whom are also in high loyalty tiers. And it seems that the best they will offer is $300 and some Sky Class perks while charging full freight for a JS. Nice going Royal. 🙄
  14. We were very much looking forward to this TA. I have been to Barcelona and done a TA on an O Class ship but my wife has not done either of those things. We were originally supposed to be on the Allure TA last year, then we moved to Harmony for this year's TA when the 2020 cruise was canceled, but we decided it was still too risky travel-wise, so we jumped back to Allure for next year. Maybe someday 2023 or beyond. In the meantime we only have one other cruise booked with Royal and I'm waiting for the shoe to drop on that one. They already canceled us for a charter and reluctantly honored the price on an alternate cruise of my choosing (not one of the options they had offered). But now there are whispers that the itinerary may be changing and it's not just Labadee getting cut out. We shall see.
  15. I don't think Royal will lose any sleep over this. Someone high up made the call to swap ships and everything else rolls downhill. The crew will end up being the ones to deal with the overcrowding on board, probably by telling guests that there is no room for them in the CL and SL and to go elsewhere, or concocting some sort of lottery, or handing out drink vouchers. I'm starting to think that even if I did get to keep my CLS I might not want to be on this cruise after all. I was never excited about Wonder anyway. I am not going to waste time on the phone with Royal. I will make one call to cancel. Thanks to the others who tried to get a resolution and posted here.
  16. Yeah saw your post right before mine. Are you going to cancel or stick?
  17. I never understood the logic behind putting an O class ship anywhere other than the Caribbean where it can run regular routes year-round at full capacity.
  18. Do you happen to know the number of berths? I'm guessing that it is more than the other O class ships. Maybe more bodies on board = more money if so much revenue is generated on board.
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