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  1. Wonder of the Seas is now listed on RC's website for China 2021
  2. I tried this on our cruise and would not recommend it. We signed up and payed the $30 per person for the port transfer on Majesty. Was told a certain time to meet someone at curbside (said they would have someone with our name on a board). Once we got off at that time no one was around. None of the royal people doing transfers had any idea we needed a transfer and didn't have any shuttles going to the next port. We got the run around from a bus driver for a while and after not getting any answers we just took an uber. Wish we would have done that from the get go. Yes, that is what I meant. I know we don't get in the room any earlier, I was just referring to the paperwork and such (side note, we were not going to D+, just emerald level but same concept, wont be diamond until after our next cruise).
  3. I had that exact scenario happen end of last year. I took a 5 day Cuba cruise on Majesty and then followed it by a 7 day on Symphony. I made the next level on the 5 day. I went and talked to the loyalty ambassador on Majesty and she said she couldn't do anything and to see the ambassador on Symphony for that but she would send an email to the ambassador on Symphony letting them know. When I got on Symphony I went to that ambassador and of course they hadn't received an email but she was able to change everything right away and get us new cards. Just didn't have the perks of the higher rank for boarding or in room right away.
  4. If it's a buffet I think it would probably be a great idea! I certainly would be thankful for it, especially after seeing how nasty people are leaving the bathroom without washing their hands. But we are talking about cruise ships which I believe is a different level.
  5. Yes, everyone should be required to do it, even if it doesn't protect against all things it still helps. Just because there are some people in this thread who wash their hands "right before" doesn't mean others don't. It's there to protect everyone. For every person who washes properly there is an equal number who don't, so that is what requiring everyone to sanitize helps with. There are PLENTY of cruisers that don't unfortunately, ruining it for all. Someone telling them they just washed their hands doesn't help because half the time they probably didn't and the other half they probably already touched something that could have been infected.
  6. Do you remember the name of the shop you bought the cigars from? I will be traveling there in November and want to purchase some but since I don't know anything about cigars I don't want to buy some cheap knock offs that I keep reading about.
  7. As others have said I don't think rc will lose any money on your drinking habits since there is such a large markup on it. Yes, they aren't making as much money as if you bought them individually but they certainly aren't "paying you to drink". I also believe that if there was any possible way that you were costing them that much money they probably would revoke your drink package (I'm betting in the fine print it gives them the power to do that for any reason). But again it would be near impossible to get to that point.
  8. Does that apartment have elevators?
  9. I am also curious as I have 8 people (needing 4 rooms) going next may. I have looked at some apartments for rent on booking.com. They have 4 bedroom apartments to rent for $750 to $1,250 for 2 nights. Just curious if anyone has gone with something like this?
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