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  1. The sail away rate is cheaper because you do not get any perks. If the drink package and specialty dining is not important to you then select the sail away. For me they are important. I will price shop rates for NCL with the perks and gratuities against RCL and CCL after adding their drink plans. I have found NCL to usually be cheaper, sometimes significantly. I don’t see it as being built into the price since I am already paying less.
  2. NCL updated the ad to say free and added worth that much for each perk.
  3. It was because of your card’s bank. When I process a refund for a customer, I always tell them it will show up 3-5 business days but I have seen it even take longer. There is nothing I can do to speed up the process.
  4. The form is opening back up on July 6th for the next round of cancelled cruises. It will be on this page. https://www.ncl.com/suspended-sailings
  5. The SDP credits are per person not shared. If one guest wants to use it for a restaurant and the other does not want to, the waiter can easily break up the bill since the restaurants are al la carte.
  6. Tips are automatically added when you pay for your cruise. Both are 20% of the retail package amount. For the drink package, retail is $99/day/pp so tips added will be $19.80/day/pp. Dining will be based off the number of days of the cruise. A 7 day cruise is 2 meals which is $79 retail so $15.80/pp. For drinks, you will not get a receipt to sign so if you want to tip extra you will need to bring cash. For dining they will bring you a receipt at the end showing what the cost would have been. If you would like to tip more you can. When you go to book you will see Free at Sea gratuities
  7. The Sun is 19 years old. Spirit is the oldest in the fleet at 22 years. The Fantasy is the oldest ship of the major cruise lines that I have found. It is 32 year old. Royals Empress OTS is 30.
  8. It doesn't have to be made in Texas but it needs to be bought from a distributor in Texas. Since the cruise lines buy in bulk usually, they only purchase a small amount of liquor from a Texas distributor to comply with the short time its required. Bottles bought from a Texas distributor will be labeled with a small barcode sticker.
  9. Someone will always be upset. If they extended it through the end of the year, someone on a Jan 1st cruise will complain that they were not included.
  10. Key word there is Majority. It does not say all their ships. Carnival’s announced plan is to start with a limited amount of ships from Florida and Texas. I would think NCL would do something similar.
  11. I just saw the same offer and had the same thought. Weird that it says Bar on Board but doesn’t include cheers.
  12. If you look at the ports they are planning on restarting from, its Texas and Florida. Both states have started to open back up. This was Galveston this weekend.
  13. Every cruise line is cancelling cruises up to a certain date and stating they plan on resuming on the next day. Carnival is actually talking about phased openings and listing actual ports and ships that they are planning on starting back up. There was no reason for Carnival to state this unless there is an actual plan to restart.
  14. Quintana Roo(Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel) is opening up for tourism starting June 1st. This area has been hit hard economically with 64,000 people losing their jobs. I would be surprised if cruises are not allowed to port there by August.
  15. Actually that is not true. The Fair Credit Billing act gives merchants 90 days to refund a credit card once they acknowledge a refund is due. And it actually is really easy for a merchant to answer to an Amex chargeback. You log into the Amex merchant services portal and they would just need to upload the refund policy. Amex actually pulls the money back from the merchant right away so NCL will be more inclined to answer the chargeback quickly. Visa and Mastercard do not pull funds back from the merchant until a decision is made.
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