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  1. Looking at booking an Alaska Cruise for this summer. When I first did the Free/Discounted Air Promotion for an inside it was $375/pp. I decided on a balcony and the price jumps to $816/pp. Anyone know the reasoning for this. Airfare is running about $650/pp on my own so $375 was a great deal. $816 not so much. Also, I see that the Joy is now in the US. Is there a preference for Alaska between the Joy and Bliss?
  2. Liljo22

    Sky Zone on Carnival Panorama

    Anyone who has kids now has been to trampoline parks. Huge hit in 2018. In a 10 mile radius around my house, I have a Skyzone, an Altitude, and 2 Urban Airs.
  3. If you are looking to avoid a hurricane completely, April and May is not in hurricane season. June and July are usually pretty quite also. August and September are when the season really picks up.
  4. Liljo22

    Carnival loses luggage and doesn't care!

    More than likely was delivered to another cabin that had it in their room until the last night when they realized it was not theirs. Told the steward and it was delivered to the right cabin that night.
  5. So you have only been on 1 smaller ship and 1 mega ship. You didn't like that mega ship so all mega ships on NCL are terrible? Seems like a poorly thought out conclusion. Personally, I am not a fan of the Breakaway class and much prefer the Breakaway Plus class. Maybe try another class?
  6. When we went in August, the Cat in the Hat signup was by the main elevators on the Lido deck. You can signup quickly on the way to lunch. Also, the line at Guys/Blue Iguana/Buffet are going to be really long on Embarkation Day. If you go the Ji Ji or Captaino's, there will very few there and not as stressful.
  7. Liljo22

    Shaq-Yea or Nay

    I can promise the money is not that great. Shaq will throw his name on anything. I have seen more commercials with him for the General insurance than mentions of him with Carnival.
  8. Liljo22

    No Red Frog Pub on Horizon

    On my Vista cruise I felt the RFP was a waste of such a large space. There was never more than 10 people in there at one time. I am sure that is the reason for the change.
  9. Liljo22

    No Red Frog Pub on Horizon

    I was surprised how empty RFP was at night. The guitar player was amazing. It seemed liked like the only draw there was karaoke. I would love to see a brew house concept like on NCL. They could keep the brewery if they did.
  10. Liljo22

    Refund policies after Hurricane Irma

    I do not understand. The airline can not change your final destination without your approval. It doesn't even make sense.
  11. We live in the Bees Creek section of Sienna. The southwest section has taken on most of the water. Sawmill Lake, Waters Lake, the sections nears Camp Sienna has all needed boat rescues to get out. The Shipman's Landing side and also north of the bridge has been ok. Its been a pretty crazy experience so far. Tornados ripped through Scanlan Trace up through Steep Bank West on Saturday night. Went from a voluntary evacuation to a mandatory evacuation on Monday. Predicted crest of the Brazos has gone from 59 ft down to 57.5 ft and now 56 ft with is the 100 year flood height that its built to protect us from so Sienna should be ok. They do say that Sienna Parkway will flood as is planned for water at that level. If your home had not flooded yet, you will be ok so enjoy the last couple of extra days and just be safe getting back to Sienna.
  12. Liljo22

    Need help with Anytime dining

    Was on the Vista in July and you still went to the Java Cafe on deck 5 to check in. We had a party of 13 and the only night we were not directed to go directly to the dining room was on the first elegant night. Very easy.
  13. Liljo22

    2 Carnival Vista Questions

    I did a 24 hr purchase of the middle internet plan that should allow you to view websites and it was painfully slow. You probably want to purchase the streaming plan if you plan on using the internet heavily.
  14. Saw this ad in my feed from Carnival. Is this advertising something new being added to Horizon or just a generic ad? There isn't anywhere on the Vista that they would encourage you to do a flip.