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  1. Agreed. The lowest cocktail is $9.95($11.94 with tip). You would need to drink two a day for it to be worth it for you. If you don't, its not worth it. Now you can argue the cost of the room with perks vs a sailaway rate. If you don't want the perks, you have to decide if not getting to choose your room location is worth the savings. For some people it doesn't matter. For others, getting stuck under a restaurant or the pool deck can ruin a vacation. For us, we are pretty heavy drinkers on a cruise so we normally get the drink package even if we have to pay for it on other cruise lines. Given this, I factor the price of NCL with the perks against other cruise lines plus their package. NCL for what I have found is usually significantly cheaper. Sometimes NCL with the perks is cheaper than others base fare(looking at you Liberty of the Seas). A balcony on the Breakaway in March is $4627.20 for my family of 4(two kids) with the perks. A balcony on the LOTS without drinks is $6187.20. For the record, I would not pay either of these prices. I paid $3,000 last March for my family of 4 on the Getaway with perks.
  2. Yes same class. The Breakaway is themed to NY and the Getaway is themed to Miami. The only venue that is different is the Breakaway has a martini bar and the Getaway has mojito bar in the same space. Sailed on the last Getaway cruise before the shutdown and had a great time.
  3. TABC requires the cruise lines to purchase the liquor from a Texas distributor and also pay a liquor tax on it. That is why you will see the regular bottles locked up and a few bottles out with the TABC stickers on them on the first day. They pay more for the bottles plus the taxes. RCL chooses to eat the extra cost and allows the drink package day one while CCL does not.
  4. Domestic Beers are the cheapest items on the menu at $6.50($7.67 with tip) Cheapest cocktails are $9.50($11.21 with tip). Wines start around the cocktails prices. If you are a pure beer drinker, you are looking at a 8 drinks a day to be worth it. If you are a cocktail/wine drinker, you would need 6 drinks a day. Or course these are all basic drinks so if you are ordering better beers and signature cocktails, its going to take less to make it worth it. For my wife and I its always worth it. We can have a drink before we get off at port, come back and have a drink or two before getting ready for dinner, have a wine or two at dinner and then a couple of drinks at night. On sea days its even easier.
  5. Carnival’s first sailing on the Horizon was fully vaxxed except for 5% of exemptions given mostly to kids under 12. NCL also says they will do the same. RCL is asking and if you are not or don’t provide proof, you are required to wear a mask at all times indoors and are not allowed in certain venues like the casino and a few restaurants\bars.
  6. Royal’s package starts day 1 so it’s not that TABC doesn’t allow it. They do say that liquor needs to be purchased from Texas distributors and pay liquor taxes on it. That makes the drinks a lot more expensive on day 1. Carnival chooses not to eat the extra expense while Royal does.
  7. This is the answer. It’s right above the buffet area so if someone in your group wants buffet, they can bring it up stair. The buffet line was crazy and there was no place to sit. Jiji was so much easier.
  8. Actually when the CDC changed the mask recommendation a few weeks ago, they said studies have shown that the viral load of infected vaccinated people was too low to pass to others. I am vaccinated but my worry is less about catching the virus than about the protocols that will be in place. If they make unvaccinated wear masks and social distance, I can only imagine the angry passengers not wearing a mask when they are told to mask up. Cruise Lines may threat all passengers as unvaxed to avoid this conflict.
  9. You know full well that there is a difference between a cruise and all the other those other options you listed.
  10. Also found an article from Harry saying that they are looking at Galveston as a future port for one of the Prima ships. Put two and two together and maybe the second Prima off the line will be in Texas.
  11. Galveston officials said they are in talks with NCL to sail from the port starting November 2023. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/ports-destinations/galveston-seeks-long-term-strategy-norwegian-cruise-line
  12. Yes. RCCL is building a new $100 million terminal that will allow the Allure to sail from here in 2022 hopefully. Disney still sails the Wonder out of here Nov-Jan but your looking at $6k-$10k for a family of 4 in a balcony room.
  13. Plus for every customer they lose, they will probably pick one up when another cruise line cancels for a charter and some of their customers say never again to them.
  14. You are correct. I looked back at the news stories and they only demolished the gangways.
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