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  1. This is PERFECT! I love how you formatted your input - it's super helpful! Thank you!
  2. Your granddaughter sounds adorable!! Thanks for your feedback! :)
  3. Thanks for the feedback on the UBP vs Cheers. I definitely don't want my question to get sidetracked with a debate about the packages. :-)
  4. Hi All! Always glad to have this amazing group to get your varying positions and opinions!! I've been cruising since 1987 starting with the Festivale. Since then, I've been on about 15 cruises including the Glory, the Destiny, the Fascination (each one multiple times), as well as Disney, Royal and Norwegian. DH is now 51 and I am 47. My friends (37-ish) have just started cruising and have been on the Norwegian Dawn 2 years in a row (together we did both). They've asked me questions about how they call compare. I *think* I have good perspectives however: * I haven't been on a newer ship since the Glory * I know that since the last time I cruised a Carnival 7-day, it was on the Glory in 2012, and a LOT has changed since then. * My experiences with things like any time dining are also a little out of date (last time, they had an area set aside in main dining rooms with a few tables set aside for ATD. My mom informed me yesterday that they now have their own dining room for it!). We LOVE the Freestyle-ness of Norwegian and the multiple restaurant choices for dinner. We are all super-chill, enjoy some of the shows, enjoy the casino and don't, GENERALLY, do many of the activities on the ship. I want to make sure that I give my friends the best information about both Carnival and Norwegian (as comparisons) so that they are the most informed they can be as we plan our next cruise, likely in Spring 2020. Thanks in advance!!
  5. We're leaving next Friday, August 3, on the Dawn. We live about 20 minutes from the cruise port. My mom half-jokingly, half seriously said "I should go with you!" We looked.....she'd be traveling alone (no, not sharing my cabin and no, wouldn't share with someone she didn't know), so she would incur the single rate. We didn't really find any "deals", even just a week before. We looked directly on NCL and on travel sites, and didn't find anything below $1,100-ish. Just curious if they ever dip loooooow to sell the cabin......
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