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  1. If I can go to a trump rally without a mask....why not a cruise? Last week at our hotel we had to sign a waiver, why can't the same be done on a cruise ship. At this point everything, including a trip to Wal-Mart is at your own risk.
  2. We were on a flight last week and people took their masks off once on the plane.
  3. We just flew this past week. Passengers were asked to wear a mask to board the plane, once on board several people removed masks throughout the flight. Didn't hear or see anyone make a request to put them back on. In the airport itself...again masks appeared to be in the minority with mostly gate workers/security. Even food service workers were mask free. We flew from Nashville to Panama City, Florida.
  4. Did you have to rebook your cruise at the current rate at the time?
  5. The 30% discount equates to +$2000 added to the price of my original booking....certainly no discount.
  6. Thank you.....good information. Will we be able to purchase online or is it available only on board?
  7. On our first time NCL trip, we were in the Haven also and didn't even realize the positions made a difference as we booked last minute after our RCCL trip was cancelled due to a hurricane. Neither myself or my mother drink and they did move my son to position #1. I kept position #2 to order virgin drinks. In addition , they even transferred my dining perks to my younger son and his girlfriend. They just re-keyed all of the cards. We have since traveled again this past summer but we had everything in order this time as I had a year to plan. Hopefully they will be just as accommodating for you.
  8. We stayed in 118....While it was a different room type, the location was quite convenient. Also, do not recall any outside noise.
  9. The lounge in Seattle is awesome. Very comfortable and roomy.
  10. Any updates to the staterooms during the dry dock?
  11. Agree....in addition, the windows are tinted green making it easier to tell when they are in the open position. Regardless, this is such a tragedy. Can't even imagine the pain of this family. Prayers for all:(
  12. Sorry your experience was less. We have been in the Haven on the Bliss and the Escape, both were equally enjoyable. Hopefully your next experience will be better.
  13. Yes I do or anything else she would like in which they are willing to accommodate. She (nor I) for that matter like caviar or lobster. My boys on the other hand love trying new things. Why would what we are choosing to eat have an effect on your eating experience? She did like the desserts and coffee if that makes you feel better.
  14. Not sure about Dawn but you can get cornbread on the Bliss at Q but it is quite different than what we make at home.
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