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  1. After much debate, we are forging ahead with the cruise we’ve had booked for over a year for our group of four . I know that we will get a refund if it gets cancelled, but it’s just a matter of having that money tied up , and then how to proceed with airline tix, etc. with the least amount of hullabaloo. I have seen cruises before and after this one being cancelled. But somehow this itinerary remains. My thought is that maybe because the destinations are more controllable( Amber Cove and Grand Turk) ie: a good day can be had just by staying in the port areas?) I know there will be many
  2. We received a letter last week that our December 2020 cruise on the Sensation has been changed to the Sunrise- same dates and times and ports- ship was the only thing that changed ( so far) . I’m really happy with the change to a bigger, more updated ship. Just curious as to if our cabins will really be equally changed out. I always choose specific locations that I know work best for us. At this point I will just be grateful to step foot on the ship🙏🏻🤞🏻
  3. You can use command strips. I’ve used them the last 4 cruises to decorate our door. They have the real tiny hook ones that work great👍🏻 Also we throw a couple bigger hook ones in to use in the room - so handy!
  4. Well this is not rocket science! Before Corona, cruise lines couldn’t afford to have one day between cruises to clean, give staff time to mentally and physically re-set, etc- would have lost too much money! Can’t even fathom how cruise lines are keeping from going bankrupt at this point in time. Very very sad.
  5. Thank you everyone- very helpful information!
  6. For any of you that have sailed out of both of these ports… Which did you prefer? If you take into consideration ambience and activities in the area, lodging , ease of transportation , port area and efficiency , etc.. We are planning a cruise out of California in end of December -spending two days prior to embarkation. Would love to hear thoughts, pros and cons of each area. Mom and Dad and 4 young adults. Thank you😘
  7. February 23rd 2020 on the Magic. We had a fabulous time. Weather was perfect in every port. Sailing into Amber Cove was gorgeous. Snorkeling at Grand Turk near the ship was amazing. Half Moon Cay was perfect. I’m very sad for those who were unable to fulfill their cruises😷🙁
  8. Grand Turk from the Beached Whale Bar . Feb 26, 2020 ❤️🌴
  9. Husband , myself and another couple ( lifelong friends) flew to FLL 2 days prior to embarkation. We stayed in a Air B and B - two bedroom apartment about 10 minutes from the downtown Las Olas Blvd. area. In the past we have always stayed at FL Beach, so I was a bit skeptical about this. No need to worry- the place was wonderful! Clean and tidy in a quiet residential area . We were a ten minute walk from Southport Raw Bar and a 20 min walk to the heart of Los Olas Blvd and the Riverwalk. And the price was a FRACTION of the price of just one night lodging at FL beach! There also was an IHOP, a W
  10. Seaside Yacht Club should be treated as if it’s a whole different ship- because the experience seems to be so different from “ steerage class” . I’ll never sail MSC again unless I’m in Yacht club.
  11. Yay!!! We still have a long ways to go - after next weeks cruise we will be at 33 points! We’ve tried MSC , RC, and Norwegian a few times . I think now we will just buckle down and stay Carnival until we get to 75 points😅😅👍🏻
  12. I bet you would be happiest on Holland America, or Celebrity- to help decrease lots of kids and have a bit more quality experience.....read lots of reviews from these lines and see what you think.....- of course taking things with a grain of salt- maybe consider which departure port would be easiest/ most cost effective for you to get to, and find out which lines and ships depart from there. Then research every little thing about them here on CC! Have a wonderful time- the planning is half the fun!
  13. Who else would be in the second cabin? When we took our grown up kids last year, my husband and I split up and he and the 2 guys were in one cabin, myself and daughter in the other👍🏻 The guys got the balcony cabin since there were 3 of them, and us 2 gals got the inside room across the hall.... but we visited often 🙂
  14. We booked a cabana for 200$ for 6 people. Price fluctuates based on dates. The daypass only was 40pp - luggage can be stored inside the hotel, so you really wouldn’t need a cabana.....
  15. I would rather be quarantined on a cruise ship than at work - easily! 😆
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