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  1. Has anyone been getting these notifications? The last one we received was last September 14. Being able to book one day before bookings are opened up the everyone is a nice Elite benefit. But without these notification emails, it’s not worth much.
  2. I have sail on the Crown a number of times and the Emerald once. They are sister ships, and very much the same, and I suspect most people could not see much if any difference.
  3. I don't see the logic of switching (redeploying) the Emerald and the Crown for the Summer 2022 season. They are the SAME ship. Princess caused so much disruption for it's passengers. We had 56 days on the Emerald and the Coral, (Australia/Fiji/Transpacific to Vancouver). All gone. None are the alternative were similar enough or B2Bs like we had. I saw one comment saying the Transpacific on The Emerald was a very good deal (not as profitable to Princess). This person booked the Emerald TransPacific a couple of weeks ago, and it was $1,500 less expensive than the Saphhire leaving the day be
  4. We had C753 on the CP (aft corner with rounded balcony). Love it. Would book it again.
  5. There are some balconies under the Skywalk (mid-ship) that are larger (ie. deeper) than others. We were in one of them (on the Sky) last November. Along with the Aft facing Balconies, these larger mid-ship balconies are our favorites (on the Royal class ships). We have also booked one of these on the Royal next year.
  6. I have found 2 of my 3 Holder Account #'s (ie. Fake Booking #'s), listed on my FCD list in the FCC section of My Princess. However, I found I can not look at those Fake Booking #'s like real Booking #'s.
  7. I understand the taxes will be credited back to your CC. Also, the once you made final full payment, the FCC becomes part of the fare, and in your case should be refunded as part of your 100% refund, and not be separated back out as a FCC.
  8. We received our FCCs for our March 21st cruise and April 5th cruise, just a few days ago, about 5 weeks after submiting the request.
  9. One thing that I have not seen considered. Maybe there were no Covid-19 on the Ruby before NZ, and it was someone from NZ that was Patient Zero for the Ruby. Even though NZ had very few cases around March 12-15, passenger(s) on the Ruby could have come in contact with someone in NZ who had Covid-19.
  10. I also had problems with the NSW Health email survey, but did eventually get it to work. I suspect, the first question was to enter "today's" date, but for those of us in North America, that is different from Australia's date (the day before), and it was rejected by their system. There was only one question on the survey I saw, something like, are you healthy, Yes or No. I said Yes and that was it.
  11. We were also on this cruise and were waiting around that Sunday afternoon to get on the ship too. We had done the harbour cruise a few days earlier. I too left my wife in the shade with our carry-on, while I crossed the Harbour bridge and back and went up the Pylon look-out. (an hour or 2 earlier than you). We also got on the ship about 7pm, (and we had got our medallions earlier in the day) but I remember them taking our health forms with one or two "are you healthy" type questions. We did a Norway cruise last year and those Fiords werethe best. Have not done Alaska.
  12. Interesting video of Head of Australia Border Force (ABF) regarding the Ruby Princess. Along with indicating ABF followed procedures, he also commented about Princess's Captain/Lead Doctor following procedure and doing things correct. (providing exerts from emails between Princess and NSWHealth). He indicated the NSW Health did not come on the ship the day of passengers disembarked. He also indicated procedure were done right for the Golden Princess in Melbourne by VicHealth. https://www.facebook.com/7NewsAustralia/videos/australian-border-force-commissioner-michael-outram-address
  13. As a passenger on the Ruby Princess, I received this email from the NSW Health COVID-19 Response Team on the evening of March 19th, as we were travelling home (while on a layover at Dallas airport). It came from a user named “Bunker” (bunker@doh.health.nsw.gov.au), and an email filter might have considered it spam. Dear Ruby Princess passenger, We have been advised of several confirmed COVID-19 coronavirus cases on the Ruby Princess cruise ship. As you have been identified as a passenger on this ship, you are considered a close contact. More information about being a clos
  14. The Cancellation website asks for one request per stateroom and then asks for just one of the names for the stateroom.
  15. There are some ships that will complete their scheduled itinerary like the Ruby Princess (which I am on), which will end on March 21st in Sydney. There is a list ship schedules in the 60 Day Q&A on the Princess website.
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