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  1. We disembarked our first cruise since October, 2019 yesterday. It was AH-MAY-ZING!!!!! Check-in, including checking into our muster station, was crazy simple and fast. We exited our cab at 10:44. We had drinks in our hands by 11:52. Boarding was supposed to officially start at 12. We’d already watched the safety video at the airport before catching a cab to the port. There were fewer than 640 passengers onboard, with just over 800 crew. We had a small ship experience with big ship amenities on the spotlessly clean Celebrity Millennium. We’ve always had fantastic service on Celebrity, and it was even more amazing this time. We only did one excursion, and it was fantastic! We saw lots of black bears fattening up on salmon eggs and brains for the winter. We are currently at a hotel in Seattle, and will board the Majestic Princess tomorrow for another great week in Alaska, including Glacier Bay. We will fly back to SoCal and re-board the Majestic three days later, after it dead-heads down to LA. We will try Club Class on that 3-day cruise to see if we think it’s worth the extra cost for a longer cruise at some point in the future. Our TA is doing that one as a guest of Princess, with meetings onboard. We are tagging along, with a good fare, just for kicks. Being onboard, it feels like we were in the safest place on earth. The protocols are working. The way they handle the inevitable and very rare positive test onboard is spot-on, and we got to experience it in action. Several crew told us that they are using protocols far stricter than what CDC is requiring. One example is that all crew are antigen tested weekly and PCR tested monthly. It was wonderful to be surrounded by people who have chosen to do the right things to protect others, as well as themselves. This is what our world could be like if more of us took things seriously, and if we humans do the right thing and help get the whole world vaccinated. We booked more cruises onboard the Millennium, and might just do the same thing on the Majestic. I hope you all will be cruising soon!
  2. In your honor, I had one of these at the Martini Bar after embarkation today:
  3. Is that Nikki Minaj’s cousin’s friend?
  4. I'm a relative whippersnapper at 54, but I'm quite familiar with King of the Road by Roger Miller. And the Kingston Trio, and The Ray Conniff Singers, and The Lettermen, Tony Orlando & Dawn, and Perry Como, and, and, and... Mom played LP records at home on an enormous High Fidelity system built into a giant bookcase. Dad played 8-track tapes while driving a 20' motorhome all around the US. Continuing the tradition, my kids are familiar with Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Van Halen... OOPS. I typed the above yesterday, and failed to hit Submit. ===== I acutally use algebra once in a while, and find that geometry is especially helpful. As for diagramming sentences, when everything first shut down, I joked that, in lieu of sports on TV, we could have live competitions of English teachers diagramming sentences spoken in the various press conferences. That would have been quite a challenge, especially for certain speakers. I'll see myself out.
  5. Ketchican is lots of fun, with opportunites for many varied activities, I look forward to a new experience on my upcoming second visit. Victoria is absolutely lovely; we had planned a winery tour with Tours By Locals for our canceled 2020 visit there, having visited a couple of times, and done the more popular activities before. Perhaps you can look at the other ports included in each itinerary, and see how the total itineraries meet your current needs. I do hope that you will be able to visit Alaska more than once. I have had the great good fortune to visit every US state at least twice, as both my family by birth and my family by marriage chose to live quite small, and travel somewhat big. Alaska is my favorite state to visit. Perhaps you can select the best itinerary for your current needs now, and visit again, including new places, at somw point in the future. Best of luck to you!
  6. Not yet, but soon. We got tested at a Kaiser drive through site today for a cruise out of Seattle on Friday. Kaiser here is extraordinarily efficient at this. In the past, we've gotten our results in 12-16 hours. It was more crowded today, and testing is up, so I won't be shocked if we don't have our results back as quickly. Just in case, we have the monitored test kits on hand. Upon disembarking, we have appointments at a Kaiser facility in Seattle for new Covid tests, in anticipation of boarding a different ship, on a different line, on the 26th. Again, just in case, we have additional Binax monitored tests. Three days after we fly home, we will get back on the second ship here in SoCal. We only have two monitored tests each, so we will order more if we end up needing them for the first two. I hope we won't need to use the monitored tests for any cruise, but I'm glad we have back-up plans in place. We have some un-monitored test kits, too, just in case we ever feel we need them. On another note, our oldest son lives in northwest MT, does your user name have anything to do with beautiful Flathead Lake?
  7. NO. On one page it says to take or upload a photo, but when I click on that, it only want to use my camera. In selfie mode, I get a reflection of the phone in my glasses, so I blindly take a photo the other way, but I get a usable one. When I click confirm, I get nothing about 19 times out of 20. The other times, after much spinning/loading, I get: Data not available. Please try after sometime. Hubby's photo is in there (at least for the time being). I really don't want to get stuck in the Blue lane, simply because my photo won't load. I may try the delete/reinstall trick.
  8. Nope. Just as I hit Submit, I got: Data not available. Please try after sometime. Again. Not only is the app lousy, so is the grammar.
  9. I'm currently on my 88th try to upload my security photo. Sure, it's a lousy picture, but it's better than most I've had taken onboard. Spinning, spinning, spinning. Maybe it will work this time.
  10. I'm in the camp that thinks they were going for brands in general. They already know we like to cruise, otherwise we wouldn't care about PUPs. Celebrity has partnership deals with a variety of companies. I imagine many of us remember the threads about how nearly all of us here had no interest whatsoever in Goop. If X has a large enough percentage of respondents (whatever that may be) who mention a certain winery, brewery, shampoo, shoe company, or whatever, they might consider seeking out a partnership with that company. On another note, with the freeform style of this survery, I did manage to sneak in that I feel they should STOP putting so much pressure on crew to push for highest marks on the customer satifaction surveys, that the ONLY time crew is annoying is when they sound terrified while asking us for top marks. Make managers manage. Don't ask passengers to do managers' jobs for them.
  11. We are, thanks! I hope you and G are as well. I'll try to email soon. Busy busy. - - - - - We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.
  12. One point won't be a big deal for the vast majority of us, but for someone who would have been one point shy of a new level upon boarding, it could be very meaningful. At least it would have been before the value dilution. Some day, I might reach a new level, and I'll be very grateful for that bag of laundry!
  13. My (now retired) first responder hubby calls stuff like this "job security."
  14. I got it from my son. He's a bit sick and twisted. I have no idea where he got it from. 😉 ----------------- Thanks to those who already pointed out that it was Beethoven.
  15. Copied and sent to my daughter, a high school band/choir director
  16. Accoglienza! Parlavo abbastanza bene l'italiano, ma è successo qualche decennio fa, quando erio(?) al college. Il mio italiano non è molto buono en questi giorni. I wish I could help you. You are correct, the Majestic is too large to navigate the Inside Passage. Nevertheless, I imagine you will have a lovely cruise. I hope you will continue posting here. We have many posters for whom English is not the first language. Some of them write more clearly than some who have spoken only English.
  17. Do you mean September 26? The information for the Meet & Greet for that cruise in in the Roll Call thread. It seems like a fun group of folks. Edited to add the link to the roll call for @Toomuchtrouble8:
  18. In 1989, I met my future brother-in-law and spent about an hour with him. It was at least 59 minutes too long. Thankfully, we haven't seen him since, and don't plan to. When we were dating, people would say how amazing my love is, and, "Does he have a brother?" My response would be, "Yes, and I respect you too much to introduce you to him." Hubby's aunt, however, is fantastic! So were the two aunts who have since passed away, and his late grandparents.
  19. I was hoping that one of the overnights in San Francisco would coincide with a Dodgers at Giants game, but I struck out, so to speak. There is a cruise out of SF in the middle of a series, but flying up there, catching a Friday night game, stying in a hotel, then taking a cruise, and flying home isn't quite what I had in mind. Maybe another year... or another cruise line.
  20. Ugh. 4300 guests on Sphere Class? I get that that's probably more profitable, but it's a real turn-off for us, especially since we are now retired and want smaller ships and ports up rivers. Oh, well.
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