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  1. We have never booked our flights using Choice Air, but for an upcoming Equinox cruise, I am considering. The prices are about $50 pp less then the same flights from the airline and that is x3 for us. Are there any cons to booking with Choice Air? Any pros other than price difference? This is not an international flight, only to Miami.
  2. We will be on the Summit next week. Just to confirm, Qsine is still Qsine right? We enjoyed on our last cruise and hope to repeat.
  3. What are some choices for activities on our last day, a Friday? We will hopefully already have been to Hamilton, Horseshoe Bay and toured the island with Heidi. We are not looking for anything strenuous and DH will be concerned about "getting back on time", so we would want to be back to the Dockyards by 1 I would guess. Any suggestions? How much is there to do/see at the Dockyards if we stayed local?
  4. Does anyone have contact info for Heidi? I have been unable to access her website. We are debating between her tour or Hidden Gems. Thanks
  5. Enjoyed your review. We did a similar cruise on Reflection in 2014. We are considering another Med cruise in the future and would love to hear some details of your trip to Tuscany. How easy was the trip from Civitavecchia?
  6. When we had purchased the photo package in the past, we left the ship with all our photos and a disc with the files. Is that not how it is done now?
  7. I have purchased Travel Guard Gold insurance numerous times in the past without ever making a claim. I did not immediately purchase insurance for an upcoming cruise as we were not sure we would be going. It is now a definite, so I was planning to purchase as usual, but started reading more of the "fine print". I have elderly parents and am questioning if I had to cancel for their illness, would I be covered. Of course they have existing medical conditions-they are 90! If necessary I would of course cancel anyway, but was wondering how family member illness was covered. Thanks for any input.
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