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  1. We have never booked our flights using Choice Air, but for an upcoming Equinox cruise, I am considering. The prices are about $50 pp less then the same flights from the airline and that is x3 for us. Are there any cons to booking with Choice Air? Any pros other than price difference? This is not an international flight, only to Miami.

  2. What are some choices for activities on our last day, a Friday? We will hopefully already have been to Hamilton, Horseshoe Bay and toured the island with Heidi. We are not looking for anything strenuous and DH will be concerned about "getting back on time", so we would want to be back to the Dockyards by 1 I would guess. Any suggestions? How much is there to do/see at the Dockyards if we stayed local?

  3. I have purchased Travel Guard Gold insurance numerous times in the past without ever making a claim. I did not immediately purchase insurance for an upcoming cruise as we were not sure we would be going. It is now a definite, so I was planning to purchase as usual, but started reading more of the "fine print". I have elderly parents and am questioning if I had to cancel for their illness, would I be covered. Of course they have existing medical conditions-they are 90! If necessary I would of course cancel anyway, but was wondering how family member illness was covered.

    Thanks for any input.

  4. We are a family of 3 arriving on the Summit. We are considering splitting one day between Hamilton and Horseshoe Bay and one day in the St George area as well as trying to get to The Crystal Caves. Our last day we may book Hidden Gems with Celebrity. Any advice/suggestions are welcome. We are willing to use taxis at times if that is easier and less wait time.

  5. We also travel with a teen. We had a concierge cabin on Milli

    last year and are in a quad verandah currently on Summitt. We all are happier with her sleeping in the pull down bed in the quad rather than the pullout couch in concierge. The couch when pulled out completely blocks balcony access and our steward kept the table on the balcony so we had no where to put room service trays. The extra space in concierge was not worth it for us.

  6. I do not want to start a major war here, but... We cruised last year to Alaska and we were comfortable and appropriate in nice jeans and nice shirts on Smart Casual nights in the MDR. I am beginning to organize for our Canada/New England cruise coming up at the end of June. Will this dress be appropriate on those nights? We do bring dresses and dress slacks for evening chic nights.


  7. We just discovered the West Street Cafe will be closed on our visit on 6/29/17 which was our planned lunch stop. Any other suggestions for a lunch similar to the chowder, lobster roll, and blueberrypie deal at West Street Cafe?

  8. We are arriving in Portland after Halifax and St John. I know we have to go through Customs in Portland, and was wondering how long it may take. We would like to do the mailrun, but it leaves at 10 am and we dock at 9, so not sure if we would make it. Our alternative plan is to do Portland Discovery Lighthouse Tour. Is this a tour we need to book in advance or can we decide that day?


  9. We will be stopping in Portland after 2 Canadian stops. Will we go through Customs and does anyone know how long it will take? We are all US citizens with passports. We are scheduled to arrive at 9am and are interested in booking an independent tour for 9:30. I am also posting this on the Celebrity board. I believe we are the only ship in port that day.


  10. We are on Summit on the Independence Day cruise. We are scheduled to arrive in Portland at 9 am. Our previous stops include St John, NB and Halifax. Will we be required to go through Customs when we debark in Portland? If so, any clue as to how long the process would be? All are US citizens with passports. We are interested in booking a tour at 9:30. I will also be posting this on the Canada/New England boards.

  11. We had a Concierage cabin on the Millennium last year which we switched to after a price drop. The embarkation lunch was enjoyable and quiet. We did not care for the canapés, and had the drink package, so the wine stayed in the fridge. We travel with a teenager and the pullout couch was the worst; uncomfortable and in the way to the balcony at night and early morning. We much prefer a quad on the hump with the pull down for her and larger balcony. It may be a great choice when we are traveling without her in the future.

  12. We will be a group of 5 on the Summit and are interested in Qsine. How many items can we order as we would like to try several in small quantities? How is the food served? Any standout items we should try?

  13. Thanks for the reply and link. We will be overnighting 7/1-7/2 and are planning on getting tickets for 7/1. That is the reason I posted originally as we want to purchase the tickets on our own versus the $169 ticket from the cruise line. We should be fine walking and will enjoy the area near there prior to the show. Is the area relatively safe to walk?

  14. I have posted this on the roll call for our cruise also. I am interested to know how far/difficult a walk is it from the pier in Halifax to Scotiabank Centre? We would prefer to buy our Tattoo tickets on our own, but are uncertain of transportation to the arena.


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