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  1. Does anyone have a picture of a mini with the sofa opened up? We never have had an issue in a standard balcony for 3 on Princess. We cruised on Celebrity this summer with a pullout and hated it. DD (16) much prefers a pull down - says they are more comfortable. Plus it was a pain climbing over the sofa early in the morning or late at night to get out on our balcony. I am curious to see if there is enough room in a mini to get past the open sofa.

  2. I am sure this has been asked and answered but... does Princess require both adults in the cabin to purchase the all inclusive drink package? There are fare drops under the 3 for free on cruises we have booked under sip n sail which would be a good deal if we could buy the drink package only for the one who would use it the most. I thought I had read it could be purchased for only one but cannot find this for sure anywhere.

  3. We just returned from southbound on the Millie preceded by 6 days on our own. I highly second the concept of going it on your own. We rented a car in Anchorage, drove to Denali, stopping whenever and wherever we wanted. We followed that with the drive to Seward and spent 3 nights there prior to boarding the ship. Next time, we may go further into the Kenai and skip Denali.

    The drive is easy, especially with The Milepost. It was a great trip. I did price returning to Anchorage with the car and using alternate transport to Seward, but decided our time was worth the extra cost. I read a lot of prior year trip reports on the Alaska forum for suggestions.

  4. Does any one know when Celebrity opens cabins for 4 up for 3 people? I have booked both previous Celebrity cruises within 6-7 months of sailing and was able to book a 4 person cabin without difficulty. I am looking early for summer 2017 on the Summit, and see cabins with a sofa bed only to show as available. There are cabins for 4 available as I checked that. My DD prefers a pull down to the sofa bed.

  5. We will be spending 2 days in Seward prior to embarkation day and are interested in the 6 hour trip with Major Marine. Assuming no ships in port, can we wait until arriving before booking so as to determine which day may ahve better weather?

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