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  1. Um...I'm just totally confused! Napa - without a car - don't drink wine. NY to warm weather in November. Best thing is "no flying". But you're doing a Mexican Riviera cruise from PA?? I'm sorry, but I've given you the best advice I could, and your information is really confusing! Good luck, anyway.
  2. Save all receipts while onboard! It's too easy to toss drink receipts (and other receipts), and while they're inconvenient pieces of paper, save them! Take a paper clip and save them according to date and time. I used to just throw them in a drawer or in my purse or toss them. Dumb me!! Save your receipts and monitor your shipboard purchases daily. Yes - it takes some of your cruising time.
  3. I can understand that, but please give us more information. Where in Mississippi was he sent for Basic Training? TIA.
  4. Good post, luddite, and thanks! I agree with you.
  5. Great post, and I agree with you!! Most of the time, if you display good manners, you will receive them in return. Saying "Please" and "Thank You" doesn't cost anything!
  6. Ha ha!! The first thing I learned was that "Whatsa mattah wit youse?" meant one of the following: 1. Please re-type this letter. 2. Please deposit these checks into our account at the bank next door. 3. Please put a new roll of toilet paper in the Ladies' restroom. 4. Leave da gun. Take da cannollis. Yeah - rented a room in a big old house on West End Ave. in Bound Brook for a year until we got married. Unbelieveable! The only Italian word I knew was "pasghetti"!! Not bad for a non-Italian/non-Catholic!
  7. Waaay back when, we showed (in writing) the breakdown of : cruise rate PLUS port charges PLUS taxes EQUALS total cruise fare We had many clients walk into our office saying things like, "Hey..XXXX cruise line says I can cruise for XXXX days for XXXX dollars!" We then had to explain what a cruise rate was, the mandatory addition of port charges and taxes, the advertised cruise rate was for a certain cabin category, the advertised rate was per person, and not for the cabin, there were the factors of trip insurance/driving or flying to the Port/3rd and 4th passenger rates, included and non-included amenities, tips, etc. It was a real eye-opener for many clients who had never cruised before! I once had a Mom, Dad, and two kids come into our office. Dad threw down $229 cash onto my desk and asked for all of them to be booked on a 4-night Carnival cruise on the Fantasy to the Bahamas from Port Canaveral. (2000 or so). Carnival had apparently advertised this cruise (during early June - summer vacation). Well, after explaining the breakdown and additional charges and price per person and cabin category....ad infinitum...the guy scoops up his cash (after cursing at me), and he, wife, and kids stormed out of our door. What got me was that one of the kids grabbed the glass jar containing Werther's Originals (which I paid for) right off of my desk before dashing out of the door behind his Dad! Yeah - the whole jar....not just a hand-scoop! True story!!
  8. The beaches along the Mexican Riviera are pretty rough! It's the Pacific Ocean....with no land masses to break up the waves. Brown, rough, and often rocky sand with constant waves. This is unlike the Caribbean white sand/beautiful turquoise water/calm waters. Same for the Mayan Riviera. (Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, etc), which are along the Gulf of Mexico....not the Pacific Ocean) In fact, there are beautiful resorts in Cabo that make you sign a waiver, saying you will NOT go into the ocean!! Look at a map, and you will see what I'm talking about. When you say "MR", this could be "Mexican Riviera" (Pacific) OR "Mayan Riviera" (Gulf). BIG DIFFERENCE!! And, no. There is no close commercial airport in Napa. You could pay for a private plane to fly you into a very small regional airport. I think you posted this question on the Cruise Air board, and got some answers. Actual miles do not equate to driving time!! I've driven to Napa from the SFO (actually, about 20 miles south) area, and it's a day-long drive! Each time, we made reservations well ahead of time (hotel/restaurants) and stayed at least three nights! You just can't see Napa in one day from SFO (which is well south of the city). And you don't want to rent a car and drive? I don't blame you - I wouldn't, either! You're wanting to stay in the Fisherman's Wharf area (very crowded, congested, and touristy. And $$$$. Did it!!) and then spend a day in Napa. How many days are you allowing for this? It's good that you are asking questions now, because I don't think you can do what you're planning.
  9. Well, I am older than you, and have been on many more cruises than you have. And, I am NOT "brutally mean". I gave a very honest reply about my experience with "walkie-talkies" on a cruise ten years ago. YOU are the one who posted: "Bottom line do what you want and not what others think you should do". YOU are the one who opened this door, and then used the term "brutally mean" when YOU were confronted about your post. Don't even get me started about the "My gawd" weather thing!! I live in Alabama, and - as you know - we are STILL dealing with areas totally devastated by tornados on April 15 and April 27, 2011. Yeah....you have a blessed day, too.
  10. Can you please fill us in? (Inquiring minds want to know...) TIA.
  11. I'm originally from Denver! Lived there for over 40 years. Took my first two cruises while living there (1977, 1978. The Love Boat! Seven night-Mexican Riviera cruises) Flew from Denver many, many times to FL ports for nothing less than 7-night cruises It's a good 4-hour flight, and anything less than 7 nights was just not worth it The ONLY short cruise I ever took, flying from Denver, was in 1995. Flew from Denver to LAX for a 4-night cruise on the RCI Viking Serenade. Long flights, and a short "not worth the effort" cruise, that pretty much sucked! Personally, I would NEVER fly that long for what is basically a 3-4 night "party" cruise. And, as an airline employee, I'm sure you know that you will be among the LAST to be accomodated as a result of over-booking or delays. Good luck, anyway!
  12. AMEN, and Thank You, Cruiser Bruce! I've been subjected to the "Walkie Talkie" (very unpleasant) experience about ten years ago. Thankfully, haven't seen them since!! Walkie Talkies NO Post-Its YES
  13. No expert I, but....it was also very calm seas, somewhat windy, and chilly on deck on April 14/15 1912. November Atlantic Oceans might be warmer due to summer months of heat, but there's still always that chance of those West African tropical depressions moving eastward. So....April or November TA crossings could be great! Or not!!
  14. Well, then, you know all about the Hurricane Season months!! Doubt you can do a 3-4 day to Bermuda, because there isn't one. From where would you be flying? How many cruises have you been on?
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