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  1. Thanks to all for your responses. I'll beg my mail order pharmacy to see if they can package a month's worth in smaller bottles. I will also bring a doctor's letter. Can't wait for our trip!
  2. Not planning on any real hiking, but you never know. I usually wipe down my shoes before packing, but the nail brush is a great idea.
  3. We will be arriving by air from the United States to Melbourne, land tour, then boarding Ruby princess in Sydney, going to Auckland, followed by a back to back on the same ship ending in Auckland. We will then stay in Auckland for 2 days, one night, before flying home. Australia says prescriptions should be in original containers, New Zealand says must. When do they check, at our first port or upon final departure from ship? We have several prescriptions between us , so quite a few bottles that will take up a lot of space. Most are mail order so would be difficult to get them to put in smaller bottles. All pills have identifying codes on them, but I understand bureaucracy. If they check upon final land arrival, only a few pills will be left. Also, do they check your shoes? Is that on ship or when you get off at each port? What is the best way to clean them? Thanks for any help with this.
  4. Same with my DH. I personally don't like the fit of t-shirts or polos on me, so I would never do it.
  5. We may need another carryon bag if we need to take our prescriptions in their original bottles. Almost all of our drugs are 90 day supplies through mail order and they are not very accommodating to repackaging in smaller bottles for the 30 days we will need them.
  6. So is the myki card good for 2 weeks? That would be convenient for us as we will be in Melbourne December 3 to the 6th and then as a cruise stop on December 15th, a Sunday. Can we get to St. Kilda and Brighton Beach directly from the cruise port without going into the CBD first?
  7. Will you be able to see albatrosses upon entering or leaving the Dunedin port?
  8. We registered on their website, to be notified, a few weeks ago. August 1st and no notifications sent to us.
  9. There is always someone saying they got a terrific deal. I just don't always believe them!
  10. We are cruising Sydney to Auckland on Ruby princess in December. Wellington is included on our itinerary.
  11. Thanks for this information. We knew we needed one for Australia and will also apply for NZ. I once heard your shoes are checked in NZ. True or not?
  12. Personally I am not impressed with Expedia, but what is an inside balcony? Is it something particular to RC?
  13. Hope Ruby keeps this menu for all of 2019. The beef tenderloin is tender and delicious!
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