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  1. Just got off the Royal and they made a banana split for my Uncle.
  2. Because those two items I mentioned are "fixed" items. I will get internet service (even though it's not always been the fastest) and I would get the drinks I asked for on the drinks package. Too often my massage appointments have been changed to a different time and one time the service I booked was not available due to staff availability. The other reason is the amount of money being charged - the spa is very overpriced and I know that and book anyway but why should I give them my $480 (for 2 massages) weeks ahead? Also, you can't use onboard credit for this when you book online so now that my card has been charged I'll have to spend time fixing this at guest services.
  3. I agree about the OBC. But obviously the Princess rep told your TA incorrect info. I've always paid for internet ahead of time and once a premium drink package - those I'll pay ahead of time but never a spa appointment.
  4. No, it doesn't allow that and I have more than enough to cover my appointments.
  5. I don't think so. With the wording that I quoted in my original post, it looks like it's for real. See screenshot below. Also spa appointments used to be listed under "Onboard Reservations" and my appointments no longer appear there.
  6. While you might not consider it new, it is. I have pre-booked every time I've cruised and NEVER had to prepay for spa services.
  7. I have an upcoming cruise in 16 days. I've cruised with Princess 5 times over the last 2 years. I always reserve massages in the Lotus spa, but just now when I logged in to the Cruise personalizer it said my spa appointments were not confirmed until I paid for them. " Reservations are not confirmed and can be reserved by other guests until payment is recieved" (Yes, they really did spell "recieved" that way). And above where my appointments are in the cart it says "You do not have any spa treatments reserved yet." Is this something brand new? I couldn't find anything about it when I searched the forum. I have never paid for a massage in advance. I don't like this change.
  8. I will also be on the May 5th cruise. 🙂 Does anyone know if there is a way to tell who the hotel manager will be on our cruise? I'm hoping Riccardo Capraro will be our Maitre d'. He is also the Hotel General Manager on the Ruby.
  9. Thank you so much for your reply HBCcruiser. That's kind of what we thought looking at the ship maps. It will not be a problem for us using the stairs or figuring it out, but my Aunt and Uncle are elderly and knowing in advance is better ... so no aft elevators for the dining room. Really do appreciate all the information you shared and your willingness to answer everyone's questions without being impatient or snide. Cheers!
  10. Have done both northbound and southbound and actually never noticed any difference. Doing another northbound on May 5. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to book it if you're concerned about poor travel conditions.
  11. HBCcruiser - thanks so much for your very informative and fun review. I have a question for you - I will be sailing on The Royal in R606 and my elderly Aunt and Uncle in R612. From what I can see on the ship map, it looks like we need to go to two different elevators to get to the Concerto dining room for Club Class ... is this true? It doesn't look like there's a direct route. Also I can't believe how narrow the balcony is!! 😲
  12. Hi MIssaliss.... I hope you, your husband and your two teens enjoy the cruise even if you decide not to go on Princess. I've done the California Coastal twice and really enjoyed it. It does sound like the dress code on Princess is more than you're used to on Carnival though. Such a great experience for your teens! Best wishes!!
  13. Thank you. That sounds like the guy we like might not be on our cruise. 😞 Do you know of any way to find out the crew on a future cruise (May 5 2019)?
  14. So... does this mean that the whole staff changes or just the Captain? I'm curious because I really like the Hotel Manager Riccardo Capraro and hope he will be on my cruise in early May. Thanks in advance!
  15. I never posted anything negative about my experience late last year on the Coral, but my husband and I and our traveling companions - another couple - were VERY disappointed with the food in the MDR. The choices were lackluster and the taste was average at best. Everything was edible of course, but not "tasty". The dining room service also was not up to a high standard. The afternoon tea was serviced by staff who acted as though they were being punished by having to do "Tea Duty". I, and my companions, felt that the Hotel Manager (I believe that's who runs the MDR), should be retrained and that there needs to be a shake-up on that ship with the rest of the staff. I'm sure your question/post and any negative reply about the food will bring out all the regular Princess zealots who will make comments such "I don't cruise to eat", "You'll never starve on a cruise", "Go eat somewhere else if you don't like it", etc. which is tiresome to anyone trying to give their honest opinion. I will never cruise on the Coral again for this reason even though I really enjoyed that wide Promenade deck. In contrast, I've sailed the Ruby twice and will be on her again in early May. What a difference! The food is much better prepared and the wait staff are better trained and attentive to detail. Good luck on your cruise - I hope you enjoy it!!
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