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  1. Is there no bridge cam station, or does the bridge cam station not broadcast the commentary? On the Royal (similar tech and TVs) we heard it on the bridge cam station. Just not as easy a channel to flip to as before, though.
  2. I’m guessing you either stop in Colombia or Costa Rica? Even though it’s a round trip closed-loop itinerary, they are considered international voyages and a passport is required. From Princess' TA system: Closed Loop domestic voyages U.S. Citizens Sailing on "Closed Loop" domestic cruises must present proof of citizenship (which can be an original or certified copy - NOT a photo copy - of a U.S. birth certificate, a Consular report of Birth Abroad or a Certificate of Naturalization) AND a valid government photo identification (please note: only photo IDs issued by country, state, or local government qualify. A Student ID is not considered government photo identification). If a birth certificate is used as proof of citizenship and the name on the birth certificate has changed, and does not match the name on the picture I.D. (most likely due to marriage), then it is recommended that a copy of the marriage license be carried by the passenger. If necessary, this will provide verification of the name change. Passengers with questions regarding this topic may contact the National Passport Information Center 877-487-2778 (M-F, 5 am - 5 pm PST)."Closed Loop" cruises are defined as cruises that begin and terminate at the same U.S. port with intermediate stops at Mexico, Canada or most Caribbean islands and Bermuda. These voyages include: Alaska: Roundtrip from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle (Seattle Cruisetours excluded) California Coastal: Roundtrip from Los Angeles or San Francisco Canada & New England: Roundtrip from New York Caribbean: Roundtrip from Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, or New York Hawaii: Roundtrip from Los Angeles or San Francisco (Voyages visiting the South Pacific excluded) Mexico: Roundtrip from Los Angeles or San Francisco Voyages that call to Central or South America are excluded and only Passports or WHTI compliant documents are accepted. Voyages that call to Colombia, Costa Rica, or Nicaragua are considered International voyages and all guests must have a Passport.
  3. Based on other ships I’ve been on that haven’t been able to dock for whatever reason, I would expect Royal Princess to head out off the coast, meander to kill time, then head back towards Skagway for an on time arrival tomorrow.
  4. We were told in our TA training it had to do with legal issues, not shipping costs. Not sure what exactly that means, though.
  5. I didn’t see anything in my Fedex tracking showing it came from anywhere but Florida. However there was a second label underneath. I pulled the top label off and the second label had some details on it but I don’t think it said anything about SE Asia. I made a video of the unboxing, including the details of the label underneath. Can’t post it here, though.
  6. Well, darn. I really thought you won something! I did the training too but didn’t get a special Medallion. I've already done six Medallion cruises and have six more coming up this year so maybe they figured I didn’t need any extra Medallions.
  7. I would suggest calling the OneSource help desk to ask about it. Being that it has "Princess Academy Winner" they'd be more likely to have record of it than anyone else.
  8. I'm a TA too, Commodore even, and didn't receive a lifetime Medallion. I'm pretty sure it's not for your Sky sailing, though. Did you win one of the free cruises they offered for attending the webinar the other day? They also were drawing for a free cruise for going through their Medallion training. I'm guessing you are luckier than you realize!
  9. Did everyone see the countdown clock in the Ocean Ready section of this new app? Nothing like seeing it tick down to get you excited for your trip!
  10. Did everyone see the countdown clock in the Ocean Ready section of the new MedallionClass app? Nothing like seeing it tick down to get you excited for your trip!
  11. Greenland? Lucky duck! We almost joined the Caribbean Princess but decided on these three weeks in Alaska instead. Thanks for the info. So the Journey View showed the whole trip? That is awesome! And good to know on the speed of the MedallionClass app v the OceanCompass app. I'm planning to do more Medallion videos on the ship so this will be one I'll have to look at. Again, thanks for the update, happy sailing, and enjoy Greenland!
  12. Did everyone see the countdown clock in the Ocean Ready section of the new MedallionClass app? Nothing like seeing it tick down to get you excited for your trip!
  13. The Medallion should have your name, ship name, and sail date. Does it have that info on it?
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