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  1. You always have to do the math. When Celebrity came out with Elevate and Indulge I did a whole spread sheet comparing the value with the cost and only on certain lengths of cruise does it make sense to upgrade to the Elevate or Indulge. That way I have it for reference at my fingertips. On 14 Night cruises, you are way better off just doing the upgrades a la carte. On a 7 Night the Elevate almost always makes sense if you would use the OBC or Shore EX credit. I think from the OP's description, for certain lengths of cruise it doesn't add up for the packages offered in the cruise planne
  2. You can check on line for the better pricing or better routing using the quote feature, and then you have to call the flights by Celebrity number to make the change. They usually pick up right away.
  3. I watched it last weekend, and was surprised that I didn't really learn anything new or revealing as I followed the situation pretty closely when it was happening. We were on a Celebrity ship at the same time and I watched some of it unfold on the TV during our voyage. The Wikipedia page has lots to statistics, and assuming it is correct, no one under age 60 died, and most were in 70's or 80's that died. That seems pretty consistent with the world wide spread of the disease. It appears that no crew died. As I followed the case and realized how it was quickly spread, I knew in my gut that
  4. I believe you can split it up any way you like, but you need to call your travel agent or Celebrity to do it that way.
  5. My daughter is vegan and she says that the vegan food on Celebrity is excellent. She cruised once with Royal as a vegetarian, and prefers the vegan food on Celebrity to the vegetarian on Royal . she never went hungry and had great cruises on both lines.
  6. They usually only allow families of 5 to book them in advance and sometimes a family of 4. We got upgraded once 3 days before sailing upon request, but not in advance. They are not even selling them right now on some of the ships, Millennium Class, as they are rumored to be converting them to Sunset Suites, which might then be available to book early but at suite class categories.
  7. Yes I would gladly pay that in order to get the kind of service she offers. I don't know how it works when the cruise line has a price drop with your agent, but with mine, she notifies me and if the perks are the she automatically lowers the price. Over the years I would says that she has saved me 10 to 20% off the original price I booked. The hassle she saves me is worth twice the price of the cruise. But everyone uses travel agents for a different reason and as I learned the ones that often have those kick back have very little in the way of personalized service, so I see it as a
  8. I have asked her about that, and she says that it is not her business model to refund part of her commission to her clients. She has however given me tons of price reductions that she catches coming from Celebrity, helps with all kinds of issues like air logistics, independent shore excursion planning, online check-in, private transfers, cabin upgrades and through this pandemic she has been nothing but proactive and supportive as we have had to cancel and rebook numberous times. I called her once at 3 in the morning her time and she answered the phone. I was stuck at an airport at 6 am wit
  9. On my recent booking with my TA she offered me Always Included with a Refundable deposit or a Non-Refundable deposit and quoted me the difference. She said that sometimes she has group rates which are usually better or about the same as the NRD rate but do have a refundable deposit and all the perks. She didn't have a group rate in my category so we went with the refundable deposit. She says that she will fare monitor for me and we might be able to change to the NRD right before final payment if it is still lower than the refundable rate. Quite often she has that group space where she c
  10. With Princess having the free cabin upgrades right now, call your TA or Princess and see if you can move to one of the less obstructed ones.
  11. Wow, it has been a while since I have been on Cruise Critic,, but I wanted to comment about how things are going. I had a booking on a May 29th cruise and I really feel that it is super important to have the right kind of TA. My TA is a local gal but she is part of a larger travel agency that is supposedly a big player nationally but specializes in personalized customer service. Well at least my gal does. Anyway, we had our cruise that was supposed to go in May and we approached the final payment date. She actually worked with Celebrity to get our final payment date pushed out two weeks
  12. Sorry I haven't been on much lately. It cost us $100 for the RT taxi to Trewlew and our Spanish speaking driver waited for us while we visited the museum.
  13. Here you go. They have members post pictures and then they add them as they have come in, I think? Maybe the person has an in with the industry, but based on the fact that pictures seem to be taken at different times in different ports, I think they are grass roots taken and submitted by traveler. Hope this is OK with CC, if not please remove link: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/ov.php?ship=Caribbean-Princess&cabins=E101-E121
  14. The Lightyear should come next, because we have already been "To Infinity and Beyond"!
  15. Thanks, I have heard of noise on ships when a cabin is located below a service area when the carts are rolling out in the morning or they are arranging deck chairs, but never when the room is located over something, so I am hoping we are good to go!
  16. The wife and I are looking to squeeze in a third cruise next year and we have put a deposit on the 16 Night August cruise to Canada New England and Greenland Cruse on the Caribbean Princess. Since this is squeezing in a 3rd cruise in 2022, we booked an obstructed view on the emerald deck . This save us $1800 over a standard Ocean View. I found a web site that shows the views out the windows and we picked E307 which is in between the life boats, so less obstructed. However it is over the casino. Has anyone sailed in these cabins who can tell me if you hear noise from the Ca
  17. It could be a possible date for the Revolution Dry Dock? She was due some time in 2021, but possibly postponed indefinitely, but maybe back on?
  18. Agreed, you need to get a new TA. You may have to pay this fee this one time, but you will never have to deal with this run-around again.
  19. Yes, so from what I remember, Celebrity rep say that they sell it three ways as an all inclusive: The 10 and 11 Day packages and then a 16 day package that includes Machu Picchu after the cruise. He said that it really keeps it easy because you fly into Quito and from the moment you land you are in the hands of Celebrity, from your Hotel stay, to the charter flights to Baltra and back, the cruise, then back to Quito or if doing Machu Picchu, off to Peru. It seemed like it would be the easiest way to do the cruise, especially when in a country where I don't speak the language. My agent al
  20. I looked at the chart that she sent us and really the only time where you might not want to go is Dec, it says that the Boobies are mostly fishing and the Albatrosses are not there, but it is my understanding that even in Dec you will see the other wildlife - Flightless Cormorants., Iguanas, Penguins, Tortoises, and sea lions. This is on my bucket list, so that is why I attended her Zoom presentation, I am maybe hoping to go before 2025. It was pretty cool because she had the rep from Celebrity on the call and he had actually gone with Celebrity and shared some of his own experiences. C
  21. PRH did you go all the way to Punta Del Gado? And what is that little house?
  22. I posted this in the South America Ports of call but haven't gotten any responses, so I thought I turn to the Celebrity cruisers for advice. My wife and I did a South America cruise this Feb on the Celebrity Eclipse and we liked it so much we are going back in 2022 and visiting many of the same ports. In Feb we did Puerto Madryn on our own, We got a Taxi to Trewlew to see the Paleontology Museum and then had a fabulous lunch in town, walked along the beach front. When we return in 2022, wife thinks she wants to go see the living animals on Penin
  23. My wife and I did a South America cruise this Feb on the Celebrity Eclipse and we liked it so much we are going back in 2022 and visiting many of the same ports. In Feb we did Puerto Madryn on our own, We got a Taxi to Trewlew to see the Paleontology Museum and then had a fabulous lunch in town, walked along the beach front. When we return in 2022, wife thinks she wants to go see the living animals on Peninsula Valdes, but I am curious about the tour and the area and wondering if it is worth a full day's time to go there. Did you go? Did all day seem too l
  24. The nices most luxurios option is definitely the Flora. Holds a 100 passengers all suite and custom build for the destination. Easy debarkation via custom yacht tenders vs just a stand zodiac. It just won an award for best new expedition ship. Celebrity has pretty good pricing going right now, but it is still expensive. For the three of you it will probably be at least $30K and not everyone has that kind of budget. The Celebrity Expedition is a little less expensive. The nice thing about doing it with Celebrity is that they make it a seamless package with two nights in Quito, Charter
  25. This PDF shows the upgrades, are standard spirits just house brands, or are they name brands? https://www.azamara.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/beverage_onboard_flyer_jan_2020_web.pdf
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