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  1. With a delta of just 1 night, I'd either 1) not worry (since levels are based on Reward Nights), or 2) call Regent (or ask your TA to call Regent) since, as mentioned earlier, the only explanation that gets mentioned about this was some sort of bonus which, I believe, was always 2:1. So unless you found a 1 night cruise on Regent...
  2. Yes, I knew the math was different outside the US. Indefensible, in my opinion, that your are treated differently.
  3. We opted to self-cancel our January cruise on Splendor. The $100/pp is insignificant and, while we believe and have never heard of Regent doing this, their T&C states that they are authorized to charge your previous form of payment if the cancellation penalty exceeds the deposit. Not going to risk the 15% + penalty that hasn't been modified to conform to the 60 day final payment. Also want to get in line earlier for a refund of the deposit. We're not risk averse: since the pandemic started, we have booked a cruise on Voyager for August 2021 (joining a previously booked Explorer cruise is March 2022). Just didn't feel comfortable with January 2021.
  4. The statement about pausing the trial points out that people get sick all the time. They just want to see if there is any reason to believe it was associated to the vaccine trial. And, as pointed out, some people in the trial will die though maybe/probably/hopefully not from the vaccine.
  5. Another point about the emailed list: well in advance of the cruise, it (like the web site) won't have specific times and/or prices (for Regent Choice excursions). In fact, my experience well in advance (meaning more than a few weeks before the first excursion booking date for anyone...365 days at the moment), is that the emailed list may not even have the notional list from the web site. Once you see prices listed on the web site, the emailed list will be complete when sent. It'll be a pdf which, after we've made our choices, we send to our Kindles so that we have it to refer to while on-board. We ALWAYS 1) get the emailed list to identify the offerings, and 2) choose them ourselves on-line. We have a great TA, but don't ask her to handle this process as things can change at the last minute and we don't want to be emailing/phoning her to make our decisions.
  6. Can you find the statement that "we are told the penalty up to 60 days final payment date is $100 per person and the deposit is returned."? Nothing on the revised guest statement which we received yesterday says that. Given the language in the T&C, I'm not prepared to take the chance unless it is in print or on-line. And, the rationale about keeping the deposits longer as well as not wanting people to bail earlier on a cruise that might actually operate is almost certainly correct. We won't know, until it happens, when that first cruise will be.
  7. Ouch! Definitely will ask our TA to get the change, if any, in writing before we pass the 120 day limit. Thanks for pointing this out. Like most, while I may have read the T&C at some point in the past, I don't re-read it every time.
  8. Our TA thinks that they'll probably modify the cancellation penalty schema but just didn't have this synchronized. In the worst case, if we cancel at 61 days out and the 50% penalty statement remains, we'd lose our deposit since that's the only money of ours they will have at that point. It's not like they could or would send a bill for 50% of the full cruise fare for which we hadn't yet paid. My guess is they will just go with 75% penalty for the "60-31 days" period and nothing for the 61+ days period.
  9. Marc, Indeed. The photo in the previous post and this one (which will be familiar) were taken on Judy's birthday. Captain Dag's Homecoming was a voyage to remember!
  10. I think Santa enjoys the cold...so maybe early winter...
  11. We operate as if everything we have planned will happen because, while we expect we won't be on some of the earlier cruises & tours (unless something truly miraculous happens!), we equally don't know when we'll be on our first trip after this hiatus...and want to be ready.
  12. Regent actually caught up with our cruise the next day (though perhaps having my TA check helped?) with the 365 day advance window which had actually started 2 days earlier. However, few knew/know of this change so we had no problem at all with signing up for everything we wanted and therefore put a good dent in our $1000 OBC (+the not yet shown $100 as compensation for the changes). WRT the thread issue of laundry, as long as we get the same turn-around on our free laundry perk as platinums, and finding the internet (with four log-ins) adequate since we use it for email, reading mostly text editions of the WP, downloading the daily NYT crossword puzzle and receiving library ebooks--all of which are not demanding in terms of bandwidth--we survived the expansion of internet to all (though, yes, they need to improve it). We aren't in the category of "we paid for these perks through years of cruising with Regent and it shouldn't be extended to more/all." We enjoyed those perks longer than the newer folks and, as long as it doesn't deteriorate for us, we are happy for those who now have the benefits. There may be some upgrades (beyond the $100/suite...a bit lame since it ought to be pp since we both are platinum) to the SS program, as well. We'll see.
  13. If true, then their web site hasn't caught up with this since our 9 August 2021 cruise has excursion booking starting 13 October (300 days out...and we're both Platinum and in a penthouse). The original excursion booking date per our guest statement was 12 December. I will certainly have our TA check on this since we are already at 365 days out.
  14. Of course Yellow Fever is much different as most know. That wasn't my point. COVID-19, because of both its consequences and its virulence puts it in a different category than the flu and when there are effective vaccines, I believe it may be a requirement for entry to many places like countries or cruise ships.
  15. Since the consequences and virulence of COVID-19 are dramatically worse than the flu, I expect the more relevant model is that of requiring Yellow Fever inoculations to enter some parts of the world and now, perhaps, cruise ships. Since spreaders can be asymptomatic, no pre-boarding questions or checks, including testing, guarantees that passengers don't arrive infected. Ms. Portolan and I will be availing ourselves of any and all COVID-19 vaccines as soon as we can get them.
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