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  1. Cruises from Florida are caught in the Catch-22 of the CDC demanding stringent requirements (NCL has offered mandating vaccinations) and a governor who has issued an order that the cruise lines can't require vaccinations. Sure to be brought to a court. While de Santos may think that by not allowing businesses to require vaccinations may open up Florida (and how is that going???), it appears at this point to ensure that there will be no cruises departing from Florida since they must meet CDC (and, IMHO, sensible) requirements. Plan on a lot of cruises starting from Texas, New Orle
  2. In these uncertain times, a factor to remember is that you don't have money at risk using Regent Air (other than the cruise deposit, of course) until final payment. So, you can cancel the cruise and associated air for a minimal penalty ($100/pp) until late in the game rather than ending up with a large credit with an airline. We always use either Regent Air or book with miles (after researching the trade-offs as Wendy suggested) to keep maximum flexibility.
  3. And, to add to RonRick's comments: in these uncertain times, we've found it much easier to have our TA handle rescheduling/cancellation of cruises. Plus some perks. I will call Regent directly for some issues after booking (like, recently, no shore excursions showing available for booking for 1 port on the web site...and IT glitch) so as not to have our TA handle mundane issues or those which might involve another decision at the moment. No downside to using a TA that I know of (at least in the US where we don't get dunned for early payments likes seems to be the case in the UK!).
  4. rssc.com is the official Regent address. Regent and Oceania are both Norwegian Cruise Line brands, so #1 may not be bogus, but I'd go with #2. Or, better yet, use a TA. You won't get a better price direct from Regent while many TAs offer perks.
  5. Again, wrong. This wasn't cut from a Regent site. It's what my TA told me explicitly: we can cancel at 61 days out for $200 ($100 apiece). It has been much discussed about how the Regent T & C's would (perhaps) provide a legal basis to go after money not yet paid since cancellation at 61 days would normally be 50% of the full fare--much more than the deposit--but there have been no reports of Regent doing so. Apparently it is difficult for some to accept that Regent might actually be trying hard to accommodate customers uncertainty in these times. So feel free to believe wh
  6. Not according to Regent via our TA: "Cancellation penalties will remain at their current level until the new final payment date ($100 per person until [our final payment date]"
  7. Our decision to cancel the August cruise just became a dead certainty. We had booked the cruise after our May 2020 cruise was cancelled. It had featured the Artful Travelers PBS Spotlight on Broadcasting: the Great Wars program was moved to the August 2021 cruise. It has been dropped from that cruise and bumped to the same itinerary (reversed) on the same ship (Voyager) in August 2022. If we can resolve a conflict, we'll try for the third time.
  8. Our TA informed us today that the final payment for our August cruise has been changed to 60 days out in lieu of the previous 120 days. The Voyager cruise is in Europe and the UK and, we think, is unlikely to happen or to be the kind of experience we'd enjoy. So, not forcing us to cancel early to avoid sending them a lot more money is welcome. However, unless thangs changed is some unimaginably positive way, we'll cancel and eat the modest $200 before final payment if Regent doesn't cancel first. Our best hope for being back on a wonderful Regent cruise rides on March 2022, Expl
  9. I've read of other travel companies (not cruise lines) including coverage for (certain) COVID-related costs if a customer develops COVID during the trip. Makes sense to me that if the coverage that Pcardad cites above be included in the cruise cost. Regent, et al, ought to be able to get this at a lower per capita cost and this would also ensure that all passengers met the requirements.
  10. Oops, missed that. Yeah, flu shots won't be required, but COVID better be.
  11. Also, the downloaded list may not be accurate for a cruise 16 months out. Frequently, the download that early is very short since, as you examine individual ports, many may say that shore excursions aren't available this far out. As others have suggested, you can check the ports generically and find out what has ben offered in the past. GL and WT codes are unfamiliar to me. Generally there are three categories: Regent Choice (i.e., with a sometimes hefty surcharge), Small Group (otherwise free excursions, but with a small surcharge to be in a small group), and "free" (included)
  12. All of the comments here have been helpful. My first reaction to the promotion was that we wouldn't benefit because I was only thinking that we'd request an upgrade from what we booked by 2 levels. Since two of our booked cruises would take us from F2 (with a flared balcony in both cases) to the same layout (with a bigger, but not forward looking balcony in a Concierge E suite with no additional benefits except the pre-cruise hotel night. For a 8/21 cruise, we are already booked in a B Penthouse on Voyager and the 2-up view would be capped at A. However, and obviously, almost ev
  13. On the other hand, we like the newer suites, like the F-series, on Explorer and Splendor. Plus, those ships have a larger variety of dining options than Voyager and Mariner which, in turn, have more dining venues than Navigator. We particularly like the Pacific Rim (pan-Asian fusion is an approximate description) on Explorer/Splendor. As an aside, this is harder to check out on-line since when I checked just now, the Cuisine tab on the Navigator's information page dead-ends at a link to Navigator cruises without providing any information on the dining venues. As Pcardad notes, N
  14. Another reason to use Regent Air (or, if you have them, frequent flyer miles) in this time of uncertainty is that you won't be committing funds until much later in the game. If Regent cancels the cruise, you aren't out of pocket at all. If you cancel, then you may have some increasing penalty as you approach the sailing date. Frequent Flyer award flights can be canceled right up to the last minute for a relatively modest redeposit fee (or none depending on your status with the airline or their booking policy effective at the time you booked).
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