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  1. and all of the insurance coverage provided by the Chase cards is available on-line under the marketing pages describing the benefits for the cards.
  2. We've sailed on both many times. Very much like the F2 suites and above on as well as Pacific Rim on Explorer. Also like the public better public spaces as others note above. Bottom line for us is what ship is going where we want to go. Itinerary is the driver.
  3. Actually, if you think about it, they have a lot of the information they'd need to contract trace. They know your suite location and proximity to that of a positive test. They know who you had dinner with since they always record the suite number for the table. They record the excursions you go on. That leaves mostly breakfast, lunch and casual social contacts. I think many folks eat as couples for breakfast and frequently lunch. Lounge and public venue contacts could only be traced using some form of proximity recorder which I doubt people would accept. But, as previously noted, we won't know to what extent they contact people until there is a reported case on a Regent ship.
  4. In our experience, Regent will not automatically acknowledge her birthday, especially if it occurs before sailing. Have your TA or contact Regent before sailing to advise them you'd like to celebrate her birthday with the specific date for the celebration. In the pre-COVID era, this would usually result in some decorations in the suite along with a small cake, and maybe again at the dining venue that night...always good to mention/remind the maitre'd as you arrive. I don't recall ever seeing birthdays/anniversaries/etc. publish in the daily bulletins...a privacy concern, I imagine. You can also arrange a cocktail party in your suite if you have friends, new or long-time, on board. If you are in a butlered suite, just ask them to arrange it. In other suites, you can coordinate with the steward/room service to have comestibles and drinks like wine or beer provided. Bottom line is that they'll make a fuss if you want it, but won't automatically intrude.
  5. So, Regent's test says positive and they deny you boarding. But your test from a "provider other than those retained by" Regent, is negative. Therefore no FCC/refund? I don't see how they can deny boarding and not recognize that as sufficient...
  6. Almost as easy on Regent. Just go to the Ports & Excursions tab and choose any port other than the first or last. Right below the filter settings for that port's excursions you'll see "Email All Available Shore Excursions." Choose that and you'll get the entire last as it is currently posted. Up until 12 months from sailing, the list is of those excursions which have been offered on past visits to the port. Since you can (based on status or suite level) choose excursions 12 months out, the list will be more specific to your cruise with times and costs (for the Regent Choice excursions) at that time. Do not choose download since that'll only get you the excursions for the port you are viewing. (At least, this is the way that has worked in the past. I just checked our March 2023 cruise, 18 months out, and I get a message that "Excursions are not available. Try again later.).
  7. Again, my experience is that they'll get you anything that is easily available, i.e., through their provisioners, so I'd expect them to be able to get gluten-free beer. Give them plenty of lead time...I think 90 days was suggested to me at some point. Don't expect an obscure micro-brew. Think macro-brew like Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, maybe Stone (I'm going to try this for our next cruise), etc. Not Lost Rhino. It also is a good idea to ask at the bar (any of them) what different beers they have on board since I've sometimes found that they have something in the cooler out of the norm (possibly left over from special requests). One time I mentioned my disappointment in the beer selection to the food and beverage manager (I didn't seek her out, she was just making the rounds on the pool deck). I mentioned a couple of brands I thought were better and they actually acquired some at the next port. All of this discussion should be caveated (as pretty much everything needs to be these days) as pre-COVID experiences.
  8. We have requested a better beer (their normal offerings are very pedestrian, except for the IPAs and Leffe Blonde {which is only domestic in the sense that it's owned by Anhauser Busch-InBev, but still brewed in Belgium}) directly to Regent in advance even if not in a premium suite. Within reason (i.e., not requesting abbey ales produced in very limited quantity), they've had it waiting in our suite and tagged with our name in the cooler. It just has to be something they can reasonably get through their provisioners. Examples: Guiness Stout in the Nitro cans since the bottled "Export" version they have at the bars is terrible...very harsh and not at all like draft Guiness. This stocking in your suite, regardless of category, is a carry-over from the early days when drinks were not included outside of meals and you got 2 bottles per suite (probably 1 per person) of your choice of liquor. And, always 1 liter bottles! For years, we never bought hard liquor at home.
  9. While on Explorer our favorite restaurant is Pacific Rim, I'd suggest Chartreuse if you like French cuisine and ambiance (or, as suggested Prime 7 if you like steaks and seafood). Another important factor is whether you are looking for an intimate setting for 2 (Chartreuse is quieter), but in the specialty restaurants there aren't a lot of big tables (6+). For my wife's birthday several years ago when we'd sailed with several couples we knew, we opted for Compass Rose since they could accommodate a larger group. Which ever you choose, it'll be great. Just let the Maître 'd know in advance if you'd like them to make it more of an event, or not if you just want a quieter event.
  10. If you are talking about the November Barcelona to Miami cruise, you'll note that you'll spend a full day "Cruising the Mediterranean Sea" as it's a long way from Barcelona to the Straits of Gibraltar. There is no way with the information provided by the cruise itinerary to figure out when you'll pass through the Straits. It appears that you'll be 64 hours from leaving Barcelona and arriving in Arrecife. The Straits are roughly half way in between, so very approximately 32 hours after departing Barcelona, or 2 AM. But probably at night in any case. Sorry.
  11. We could only wish... Though we'd exchange Prime 7 for Pacific Rim in a flash. But then, we'd have Latitudes back!
  12. Bill, et al, Besides that annoying "feature," I also find it a serious design flaw that when you log in, even after adding all booked cruises, it only shows your next cruise. You have one more step to get to "All Booked Cruises." Yet it gives direct access to "Recently Saved Cruises." I'd greatly prefer the opposite: give me a list of my booked cruises and make me click for "Saved Cruises." Makes you wonder if they ever test the web site with customers and not their sales department (since saved cruises represent a possible new sale whereas booked cruises are not potential new sales).
  13. Sounds like you should join this roll call that I started two days ago:
  14. Safari (the browser) on an iPhone has an option to "Request Desktop Site." On the iPhone, it's brought up by choosing the aA icon at the top of the screen . You should also have that feature on an iPad though the icon to invoke settings may differ. That option should give you the same page view as you'd have on a computer.
  15. Not familiar with how this works on an iPad, but on a Kindle tablet when things are different than I'm use to on a computer, I choose the Desktop Site versus Mobile Site option to force the formatting in the browser.
  16. As with the examples above, I am somewhat bemused by the totally random pictures bannering the newly posted cruises. Like Ketchikan, Alaska for a Med cruise, etc. Sort of a fun game of "where is the picture from?" with no hint provided by the cruise itinerary.
  17. I also think that stays consider the harm done if issued. IMHO, there is no harm in putting Desantos' edict on hold. The cruise business and its Florida employees will prosper and possibly, fewer people will become severely ill and/or die. Versus?????
  18. Who knew? (I didn't) Have been using the internet or Excel for years.... Thanks.
  19. I can see the "avatar" which looks like a small blue speech balloon (yours says 1.6k), but only in landscape mode on my Kindle. It disappears in portrait mode, so its presence or absence seems to depend on the formatting of your browser.
  20. Hard to imagine Navigator wouldn't be the first to go: oldest, not fully all-balcony, fewer dining venues, etc. And, yes, I know there are a lot of fans of the Navigator but we aren't among them. Have sailed on her, but only because the itinerary was unique (Black Sea). Mariner, on the other hand, is deemed by many to be a favorite ship and is thought by Regent to be attractive enough for the world cruise. She's our favorite for Alaska because of the easy outdoor forward access from the Observation Lounge for photography. While we like Explorer a lot, it's worst deficiency (IMO, and copied on Splendor and Grandeur) is no forward outside area which is particularly bad for Alaska or the Norwegian fjords.
  21. Well, "normally," we'd expect those cruises to be announced in August. But with things not normal, who knows? I expect the major reason for delays in announcing at this point is the uncertainty of exactly when they'll start cruising again because any further cancellations complicate the downstream itineraries.
  22. My first comment to Ms. Portolan before showing her the pictures was think Sagrada Familia.
  23. My issue with the last two names (Splendor and Grandeur) is the departure from names which invoked the idea of travel and exploration to names which are only self-aggrandizing. How do you then add superlatives in describing the ships...the Most Grandeur, the Incredible Splendor? That said, Compass Rose looks great. Otherwise, not much in terms of details (like when?). The flank of the ship doesn't seem to have the bump outs that are on Explorer and Splendor. So, no F2 flared balconies. The deck count and life boats would seem to indicate it remains an Explorer-class ship, i.e., 750 passengers. Also, no evidence that they will ever give us back an external forward-looking area ala Voyager (Dag's Bench!) and Mariner. In some ways, the modest evolution between the Explorer-class ships is a good thing for us as there is no consequential motivation to be on a certain ship (of the 3). So itinerary will continue to drive us though we do prefer the Explorer-class ships in general for the layout of the F2-Concierge suites and, our favorite restaurant, Pacific Rim (still ruing the loss of Latitudes).
  24. Drib articulated my point better than I did. Since there is no limit on the number of Culinary Kitchen classes you can register for, if they didn't require something more than "I'll make my decision 36 hours out," a single suite's couple could tie up more than 10% of all the available slots. Despite the fact that you could still cancel and get your payment back, I think the act of paying in advance deters this kind of abuse of the system.
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