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  1. Having just completed the Inside Passage June 5 sailing ex Seattle, I can clarify a couple of queries. Firstly cell phone coverage - got reasonable service on the boat while in port and within a few miles from the wharf. My carrier is Cingular and it switched to their Canadian/Alaska service provider periodically (Rogers/ATT I believe), but it was OK. No extra roaming fees were evident. Certainly beats $6-8 pm via the ships facility. Second, the Internet Cafe Wireless works OK, but my friend and I both had difficulty getting into our separate company's VPN's. Too many servers and satelites were the probable culprits we were told. We both asked and received credits for unused time. Hard liquor. I read heaps about their no liquor policy the night before we were due to board in Seattle, so fearing we'd get thown in the brig or at least be embarrassed, we stashed our carry on alcohol in the checked bags. We need not have worried. In Seattle it seemed, the security checkpoint was affiliated with the port embarcation facility (and they didn't seem to care less about liquor), whereas the scans in the stopovers ports were performed by Star security staff as you walked onboard the ship. So it stands to reason they would grab anything they see. The point being, put it in your checked bags. Those predinner margaritas were great!!