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  1. Had the most amazing run last night on the Indie. Not big amounts as I only put down about $8 at a time, but I reckon I got a (excuse my lingo!) direct hit or 50:50 hit about 10 times in 15 spins! Ended up turning $55 into $265. Then I walked away. Funny and fun.

  2. Those of you finding this story questionable since you think she a) couldn't have survived the fall/jump, or b) couldn't have survived 10 hours in the water, are wrong.


    Deck 7 on that ship is not that high at all. Not much higher than a diving board. If she jumped (which some are speculating, and I tend to agree with), she could easily have just jumped out and landed upright far enough away from the ship to have avoided the wake or any injury. People jump off high cliffs and bridges all the time, and if they land upright, no injury. Heck I did it myself - in the small town I grew up in, a teenage rite-of-passage is to jump off the Silver Bridge into the Housatonic. That's a 60-ft drop - far higher than deck 7. I lived to tell.


    As for surviving the 10 hours - the water was bathwater warm, and the seas were flat.


    As a sailor and scuba diver, I can assure you that it's quite possible to spend many hours floating in calm, warm seas. Eventually she would have become hypothermic since the water wasn't at her body temperature, but 10 hours was not long enough for that.


    The most interesting part of this story is that she was rescued at all. I can tell you from first-hand knowledge that once someone has gone in the ocean, it's very hard to spot them. However, the calm waters meant that she remained close to where she went in so the search grid was small. And the flat seas meant that she was much more visible than in rough waters.


    Yes she's lucky, but in truth, given the apparent circumstances, it's not really that miraculous.




    Even so, after a 10 hour drama keeping afloat at night for many hours, not knowing you’d be fine, having fallen from something of a height unplanned, I’m not sure I’d be quite so perky and ready to chatter once on dry land.

  3. Personally I’d go for the Venice, Dubrovnik, Split, Kotor route, and perhaps a few Greek islands.

    Or the Venice to Barcelona route?



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    Seconded. Mostly the ports can be self explored. The entrance into Kotor is fabulous scenery, Greece is a relaxing and bustling mix.


    Croatia & Greece

    8 night- Rhapsody of the Seas


    Venice, Italy Dubrovnik, Croatia Corfu, Greece Santorini, Greece Chania (Crete), Greece Athens, Greece Katakolon, Greece Venice, Italy



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  4. There's a lot more to see and do each time you go back. The construction is ridiculous (in a good way).


    You can gain the same 5-10 pounds you would on a cruise here too!


    Next time you're back, check out Au Cheval or the Publican!




    Maybe CHI is on route from London to an Alaskan cruise...



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  5. This thread is actually making me want to return to Chicago (I’m in the UK). We hopped up there from Fort Walton Beach one weekend from a DH work trip just so I could see Da Bears. The flight was worth it even for only one night. So...


    ...life is for living, enjoy!



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  6. Why do most IT projects fail? Lack of requirements, poor planning and bad governance. Royal Caribbean should pick a number of loyal clients and host a design thinking, requirements gathering cruise for their website. Toss the old and start fresh!



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    They could crowd source the UX, would get a stacks bettter result.



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  7. I remember when Voyager class was coming out 20 yrs ago a selling point was a significant increase in public square feet per passenger compared to older ships. .Something like 42sqft on her compared to 20-something square on Sovereign. Even with these added cabins I bet there is still more then the older ships Sovereign/Majesty and or possibly even Vision class ships. But it's after midnite, too late to look it up/figure sq ft.... I'm Curious though...




    Does public square foot mean non cabin space? I’d like to measure empty public space, hard to do maybe but exclude dodgems and trampolines and the like. That’s why I feel more crowded on larger ships I think, less empty deck per person.



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  8. I am somewhat baffled. Is it normal to come on here whilst on a cruise to complain? Are we supposed to do something about the problem or are we supposed to sympathize? I don't get. SMH




    I thought all posts were optional participation, many provide entertainment...often unintentionally. Wouldn’t be much of a forum otherwise.



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