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  1. Come join our roll call and commiserate and speculate
  2. Boo hiss. I was really getting optimistic for this after so many, many disappointments.
  3. I agree. And have people regain confidence. They may have to run at a loss or break even initially but if that's what it takes to get up and running again, that makes sense.
  4. Is this what you were referencing? It's fascinating. https://www.niid.go.jp/niid/en/2019-ncov-e/9417-covid-dp-fe-02.html
  5. Grrrr. Thanks for taking the time to answer though.
  6. What was the resolution to this and did you have to go through Nationwide directly? I also have Nationwide via Insure My Trip and I'm hoping to get the insurance transferred from our cancelled trip to our rebooked one.
  7. Again, I don't really think we are that far apart on this, I think you just object to my terminology, and I apologize for that. I object to people that scream obsceneties at the crew because their chosen american football match isn't being shown on the bar TV. I absolutely believe some of us have been much more fortunate than others. But most of them are on the side of the bar with me and should act accordingly, not against the side of the bar that has a limited control of the tv channels shown. Can we make up? Because I am not trying to argue with you at all.
  8. I talked to a travel agent the other day that said she had heard of a few expected test runs out of florida to the bahamas. Makes sense. We'll all have to wait and see what happens in the next few months.
  9. i agree this is very confusing. When they applied the 125% cruise credit they put about 75% of it my husband's account and then the balance on mine, which seemed odd, as he has never been the one to book. You'd think it would be 50/50. And when I went to do a mock booking it only showed the 20% discount on my booking, not his. It makes it hard t do the math to figure out a rebooking.
  10. I'm sorry you didn't accept my apology. I honestly don't think we are that far apart on this as you do and I wish you nothing but the best cruises and life.
  11. Well, it may not be politically correct but I wouldn't consider it audacity. I did know these people, I MET THEM on the cruise. I guess I'm of the opinion that words are words and we only assign them meaning culturally and personally. I would say "poor" is relative. They were white. And trashy seems to describe people who literally leave trash in appropriate places on the ship IE the main staircase. I did not mean to upset anyone with my terminology. I had a poor experience with poor fellow cruisers. Again, it may have been an unusual experience. I'm sorry if I offended you. I was really trying to answer the question with my personal experience, which was negative. I probably should have done so in a better manner.
  12. Yes, I know I come across terribly. And I know I sound like a snob. Maybe it was just a one off experience but I had the worst time with people arguing with the crew, leaving trash around in inappropriate places, having children in inappropriate places, etc, and just generally acting terribly. It wasn't the cruise I had a problem with, it was the fellow passengers. Maybe I was just unlucky that week but I won't choose to embark from that port again.
  13. I agree. I had the time off work already, so STAYCATION, but I have to cook my own food, make my own bed, and yes, pour my own cocktails. Totally first world problems, and I have to say I am so concerned about the crews, who have it much worse than I do. But yes, I'm trying to recreate the cruise experience as much as possible. It would help if the weather would cooperate. It's been pretty crappy/cold here in the midwest.
  14. Yes, I was really looking forward to this cruise, our last one was a bit disappointing. I'm thinking of booking the Pearl for a January Southern Caribbean but it's only 10 days and it seems a little pricey. I love that cocktail hour is 3:00 in your house. I envy retired life! 😉
  15. Peachypooh!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who is unreasonably depressed about this cancellation. Monday afternoon I was in a Zoom meeting and I was like, ok wrap this up, I have muster drill in 30 minutes. Last night I made fried rice for dinner. My husband was like, you're quieter than the Teppanyaki chefs. We googled the recipe for Shaku Shaku but didn't have sake. I've had to make my own bloody marys two days in a row. The horror.
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