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  1. Ditto! When I did a Halloween cruise, people dressed up before dinner and went to the MDR that way. It was so fun and a lot of people dressed up! Great photo ops!
  2. Except once when I was with a large party, I've always chosen late dining in the MDR on Carnival. I've always had very good food and really good service. I've also done Chef's table a few times and you get to be in the Galley while dinner is happening. Most things were being cooked during the meals unless it's something that is supposed to be cooked a long time and prepared prior. Having been on several cruise lines, I find Carnival's MDR food better than some other lines.
  3. I've cruised many 7, 8, 14 day and 3 & 4 day cruises. Just about to go on another 4 day. All of my 3 & 4 day cruises have been with Carnival. I've never experienced a wild booze cruise atmosphere on any of them. I do remember one 3 day cruise that had several bachelor/bachelorette parties on board, but even they didn't party wildly. they were just fun and wore matching outfits the whole time! Just my personal experience. I actually find them very enjoyable! Have a great time!
  4. I feel the same way. Here's hoping both of us have a good time on our first solo cruises. Kudos to you for trying it also!!
  5. Actually not the Jewel this time, I posted that in the solo deals section because it was such a good price. I thought others might want to take advantage. 👍 If I do ok this time, I'll likely take an NCL cruise as they keep sending me freebies and I know they have a more organized solo meetup. thanks for sharing your experience!
  6. It took me until right now to be able to at least give it try... reading about others enjoying solo cruises helped me take the leap. I'm still grieving a lot, but I'm trying to keep living and pushing myself. I'll report back on my experience.
  7. I leave in 2 weeks! I'll report back on how I did... 🙂
  8. 7 day Alaska on the NCL Jewel - September 2nd, 2019. kind of last minute, but a good deal. $436 for interior. balcony is $936
  9. I did it! I booked my first solo cruise. My husband passed away a year ago, he was my everything. We loved cruising and traveling when we could. I'm sure I'll have my moments, but I'm feeling pretty good about giving it a try. I only booked a 4 day on the Inspiration to mexico, I've done this one several times before and wanted to try a shorter cruise before I jump into 7+ days. I've already booked Chef's Table and have decided to do a kayaking excursion and either the bar hopping tour or the wine country tour. Thinking that doing the excursions will put me with others.
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