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  1. Here's our last Port Guide for a few weeks, as we enter our "cruise vlog season" haaah... more coming when we get some slack in the schedule... 😛
  2. Same. We were looking at one of their safari tours for our cruise next month, emailed them a couple of times, and heard nothing back. We're starting the hunt today for similar tour operators, so we'll try to update if we find some responsive folks!! 😄
  3. Updates, updates, updates! Here are our Port Guides for Dominica and Aruba... 😄
  4. Thanks so much! Hope you have an amazing visit!! 😄
  5. Here is today's episode of ParoDeeJay's Port Guides... focusing on Sint Maarten!! 😄 ~Jay
  6. Hey gang! In addition to our regular 7 or 8 cruise vlog series each year, we recently decided to start a "port guide" series where we touch on things to do inside the port, around the area, and explore ways to have fun without spending any money. We've done six episodes so far (Grand Turk, Amber Cove, Grand Cayman, Nassau, San Juan, Curaçao), with new ones coming every Wednesday, unless something more pressing bumps it off the schedule, ha ha... Figured we'd share, just in case they might help anyone in their research... Hopefully I'll remember to add to this thread every so often, but you can find us on YouTube, Facebook, etc as "ParoDeeJay" to keep up with all our shenanigans. Happy cruising!! 😄 ~Jay Grand Turk Amber Cove Grand Cayman Nassau San Juan Curaçao YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/parodeejay FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/parodeejay
  7. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed!! :D
  8. @Gettys84 Thankee! I use Vegas Pro, though it's a little pricier than some of the other alternatives. A lot of folks I know use Adobe Premiere with great luck, or if you use Mac then Final Cut is a good way to go.
  9. @Gettys84 Glad we could help! We love those extra water station options!! 😄 ~Jay
  10. We sailed on the Carnival Horizon for back-to-back loops in November 2018, an 8-day Eastern itinerary into a 6-day Western itinerary. Here's the ship tour we put together while on the adventure, in addition to the full set of day-by-day cruise vlogs on our ParoDeeJay channel. Hope you enjoy!! 😄 ~Jay, ParoDeeJay Content Creator
  11. There a “Team something-or-other” guy I watch on occasion... mostly casino tours where he almost gets kicked out... parasailing... snorkeling... stuff like that. The name eludes me at the moment... ~Jay 😛 Content Creator, ParoDeeJay #sarcasm
  12. @newdestination Thanks so much! That might make them feel better, ha ha...
  13. @newdestination Random question about the Private Oasis excursion through the ship... one member of our party is nervous about getting on the catamaran without a little encouragement. Were there drinks available ON the catamaran, or just once you got to the island, do you recall? Thankee!! :D
  14. Heyo! Yep, I was just going to post that we’re on the second leg of a Horizon B2B right now, and got to experience the first days of the new menu. We ate our way through all the new offerings over the course of the three days, and made a video with photos and our first impressions. Thanks Melissa for the mention!! :D ~Jay
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