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  1. There were no cruises for so long. With no income for so long, they want to re-coupe as much as possible by charging high tax/port-charges for the suckers that come, I mean the enthusiastic cruisers that come their way.
  2. Oh, you could book restaurants. It's always "not available to book" for us. For Europe embarkation, isn't NCL using European standards (allowing mixed vaccines)?
  3. Canada is also opening US border on Aug. 9, but US isn't reciprocating even though Canada is in much better shape for 1st dose and 2nd dose vaccinations. There are not that many anti-maskers or anti-vaxxers in Canada (unlike in the US), but US' own rise of Covid cases is causing lots of concern.
  4. On the 2021.11.20 Epic transatlantic sailing, the insides were sold out for some time, and now balconies are sold out, only club balconies and havens available. My TA says sometimes it's the North American inventory sold out but European (or elsewhere) may still be able to book. What is the capacity control on this sailing? By not having the lower cost cabins available, NCL can be missing out on some possible cruisers as not everyone can afford or want to pay for those higher price cabins. We're on this sailing, and were told the specialty restaurants will be open for
  5. It's a definite maybe with NCL. We've all seen many glitches for NCL lately.
  6. Many people in Canada adhered to recommendations from the authorities and had AZ (more than 2 million). After that AZ was no longer given, and people were told to get either Pfizer or Moderna. People were also told Pfizer and Moderna were inter-changeable, so many people also had mixed doses. That's the predicament many Canadians find themselves in. Even though they are fully vaccinated, what they got is not accepted in US, and in some other countries.
  7. Needing to wear mask when in ports won't bother us. We are already doing this in Canada while outdoor with others, and certainly indoor shopping. There are not that many anti-maskers or anti-vaxxers in Canada. My family are all fully vaccinated. We look forward to a driving vacation next month, and cruising 2021/22, and 2022/1.
  8. The Epic 2021.11.20-12.5 Rome to NY TransAtlantic cruise has been showing no inside available, only balconies and up. My TA says it could be the NAmerican inventory of insides are booked up, but European may still book, or NCL just doesn't want to sell insides any more on that sailing.
  9. By calling NCL, the agent can apply a CN cert as the deposit. You cannot do it online yourself. Same with Cruise First cert. A TA or NCL agent can use it as deposit, you and I cannot do it online.
  10. Checked out Breakaway cruise in Jan/2022. We booked 2 cabins. Just did a mock booking to check, one of the cabins is listed as available ?!? Some cabins nearby are also available. Called NCL to see if we can move cabin(s) to be closer. NCL says all those cabins are not available. I was still able to proceed on the mock booking and put a courtesy hold on a cabin we'd wanted. It allowed me to book/hold. I'll wait a bit to see what happens. But there're definitely glitches in the system.
  11. That's possible. But some of the experience NCL will have to do itself. The management, the crews, chefs/cooks, officers, entertainment teams. Teams need training weeks, then many real games, to get into mid-season form. After Pearl Harbor, the US carriers, pilots, crews, all gained actual combat experience in Coral Sea and elsewhere, before they got to "mid-season" form, so that they were ready for Midway.
  12. When I bought Cruise First, it was buy $150 for $300 value. Sometimes NCL also has buy $250 for $500, like now, wished they had that when I was buying.
  13. Ah, so the system allowed it, even though they said CF cannot be combined with a CN.
  14. How did you "shift" that CF to another booking, did you talk to a NCL agent to do that for you? How did you apply the CN, did you do that online yourself, or you asked a NCL agent?
  15. Thanks for the updated info. Yap car rental costs have shut up a lot, but hope it'll come back down to something more reasonable. So if access to Wainapanapa is restricted, sounds like the black sand beaches on the Big Island driving from Hilo, would be easier to get to.
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