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  1. Just a followup. On Feb. 28, my wife and I disembarked at OPT. Right after walking out, we got a 4-p uber to go to the airport, for AUD$28. That would be much easier than dragging the luggages (and those bricks had lots of holes on the way) to the Circular Quay terminal to get on train at AUD$39. So, take uber between SYD airport and OPT cruise terminal.
  2. We had used our Canadian CC's at many shops in Cairns and Sydney, no problem. As for taking train in Sydney, if you don't have opal card, you can use a CC that has Wave technology, and most CC's these days would have that. We took the train 2 nights ago, to the Circular Quay station. At the entry station turnstile we waved a CC, and at the Circular Quay station exit turnstile we waved the same CC. It automatically calculates your charge. So, if you don't have opal card, no problem to just use a CC. But we'll probably use uber ourselves. This morning I checked the p
  3. I forgot if NCL does this. On Carnival ships, you can go to the casino and they'll punch a hole and give you a free lanyard to clip the card.
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