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  1. We use six 42mm neodymium magnets to hold a sodden but not dripping towel just below the ceiling air-con vent. We do this just before going to bed and by the morning the towel is dry which says something about the dryness of the air-con and why we always used to get throat and nasal problems that are now a thing of the past. The 42mm magnet has enough strength to go through the towel and hold it directly against the ceiling. DJ
  2. On Saturday there was an article in the Daily Telegraph (UK) about someone who wanted to cancel their 2021 world cruise due to sudden ill-health. The gist of the complaint was that Cunard were refusing to allow them to cancel and said they had to pay for the full cruise regardless. I thought that you could cancel and lose your deposit up to the date the balance was due or are there different rules for the world cruise? DJ
  3. An american discount cruise website has the late 2021 cruises on show. DJ
  4. Next time we are on QM2 in a sheltered balcony I will be bringing some chair raisers that sit under the feet and will make the chair several inches higher. We also pack a couple of folding lightweight camping stools to use as footstools - handy for when sitting in or out. DJ
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    Cabin query

    The ventilation shafts to the funnel run through this section and I found it very noisy in the cabin we had on deck 8 and now make a point of not booking this section of the ship. DJ.
  6. Lucky the people building the web site don't build the ships...
  7. I am now getting the new web site on my laptop. A quick perusal shows some good and some bad. The good is that you can see a list of available cabins and choose the one you want - the display is as per the deckplan - although on one cruise I looked at only a list of cabin numbers was shown with no deckplan image. The bad so far is that at a glance you can't see pricing for all cabins in the selected category. Overall a very poor effort by the web design team.
  8. Over wi-fi at home on my Android phone I get the new web site that now renders correctly for a small screen device but when connecting via my laptop on the same wi-fi I still get the old site. DJ
  9. Thank you for outlining what the waiter did as well. I agree it is common courtesy - and I would also hope people would tell the server or maitre d' if they intended to eat elsewhere so others weren't kept waiting. I most likely wouldn't decide until same day, but I would do my best to convey my change of dinner plans. Later than what time in the above references to 'late' ? The Daily Programme states dining from 18:00 with last orders by 18:30.
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