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  1. A sober look at the number of vaccinations required in the UK versus the hoped for number per week and you are looking at June for half the population to be vaccinated once and since we need to be vaccinated twice add at least 12 weeks to that and then you are into autumn and the seasonal flu/covid time kicks in again. q.v. Page 1 penultimate paragraph: https://www.england.nhs.uk/coronavirus/wp-content/uploads/sites/52/2020/12/C0994-System-letter-COVID-19-vaccination-deployment-planning-30-December-2020.pdf Meteorological Spring ends 31 May, astronomical Spr
  2. If I access the Cunard web site and select the option "When would you like to travel?" the first calendar year shown is 2022 - you need to use the back link to get 2021. Are they trying to tell us something? DJ
  3. Cunard 2022 cruises up to December 2022 are now online (in the UK) with booking starting 17 Nov.
  4. I concur. I note that item 18 says no dancing so I assume Cunard will adopt a similar policy and the ballroom will be redundant in the evening.
  5. It would have been useful to have one of the options to be that insurance was available. At the moment all UK insurers won't cover anything to do with C-19 so I assume the majority will cruise with no insurance cover.
  6. This helps but doesn't solve the problem of visiting ports and coming back onboard. If testing were done at each port of call one could be stranded with no insurance and significant costs. Somehow the travel industry need to cover this eventuality with a reasonably priced insurance product.
  7. If Covid-19 is still around at a low level but one cannot get travel insurance that covers it who is going to travel given the high cost of medical care on a cruise ship and abroad. Cunard, and the wider travel industry, will need to address this issue.
  8. If you are in the UK and have a positive credit card balance, of say £3000, and you buy something for £1000 then you are not covered by credit card legislation as the credit card company are not extending you any credit for the purchase. When I had to cancel a holiday the credit card company phoned me up to advise me of this and asked what bank account I wanted the money sent to. On other news a Sunday newspaper is alledging that in a few weeks/months time anyone returning from abroad will need to self-isolate for 14 days with checks and fines. This would surely put the final nai
  9. The web site (as seen in the UK) has had a minor improvement. Instead of 'Apologies...' about not being able to change the bed config or the dining table size these options are now working. One's Loyalty Tier also appears that I think was not shown before in the new site. Amongst the many things still missing is your cabin number. I also note that although booked in Britannia Club the web site states Main Dining Room for dining.
  10. I was checking daily from about 5 months to go and actually booked our excursions 136 days before our upcoming cruise is due to set sail. By the time they send out emails reminding you to book an excursion the popular ones will be full.
  11. Hopefully Cunard will stick the new ship out in the Far East / Pacific rim and bring back QE so we can have a proper Cunard cruise schedule out of the UK like ye-olde days. DJ
  12. And on the USA site V126 for Club Balcony without flights (as far as I can tell) but with taxes is $5229.60 so £4255.69 so it might be wise not to raise the issue of price/benefit differences too much with Cunard in case they decide to bring the UK in line. DJ
  13. As an example, looking at V126 on the German and UK sites for a Britannia Club cabin gives 3561EUR (£3167) v £2349. The German fare does not include flights. So I am quite happy for the Germans to have 'free' gratutities. DJ
  14. We use six 42mm neodymium magnets to hold a sodden but not dripping towel just below the ceiling air-con vent. We do this just before going to bed and by the morning the towel is dry which says something about the dryness of the air-con and why we always used to get throat and nasal problems that are now a thing of the past. The 42mm magnet has enough strength to go through the towel and hold it directly against the ceiling. DJ
  15. On Saturday there was an article in the Daily Telegraph (UK) about someone who wanted to cancel their 2021 world cruise due to sudden ill-health. The gist of the complaint was that Cunard were refusing to allow them to cancel and said they had to pay for the full cruise regardless. I thought that you could cancel and lose your deposit up to the date the balance was due or are there different rules for the world cruise? DJ
  16. An american discount cruise website has the late 2021 cruises on show. DJ
  17. Next time we are on QM2 in a sheltered balcony I will be bringing some chair raisers that sit under the feet and will make the chair several inches higher. We also pack a couple of folding lightweight camping stools to use as footstools - handy for when sitting in or out. DJ
  18. The ventilation shafts to the funnel run through this section and I found it very noisy in the cabin we had on deck 8 and now make a point of not booking this section of the ship. DJ.
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