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  1. Bruin Steve. I like your thinking. But one of the issues is virus transmissibility. There is still some uncertainty as to whether vaccinated people can pass the virus on to others. Until the answer is found, the concern is that countries might not allow cruise ships to dock. This is especially so if those countries have not vaccinated sufficient numbers of their own populations.
  2. I’m in Ireland. The relaxed restrictions at Christmas is only a partial explanation for the sudden increase in numbers. The bigger part of the picture seems to the the U.K. variant, which originated in the South East of England and is fast becoming the most dominant strain in Ireland. This would appear to be far more transmissible than the original Wuhan strain. Anyhow, here’s hoping that the vaccines will lead all of us to a better place. Looking forward to next Celebrity cruise in April 2022!
  3. Good evening NCL experts. We are currently thinking about booking a cruise in the summer of 2022. We want to do this on the NCL website but are finding it difficult to locate their terms and conditions about deposits. Some of the information seems quite out of date (e.g. references to the summer of 2020). Does anyone know if deposits are refundable before final payment? We are booking from Ireland.
  4. wrk2cruise, thank you so much for sharing this. Pat
  5. I’ve searched for an answer to my question but can’t find it. Apologies if this has already been discussed... Does anyone know what happens if you use FCC as a deposit for a future cruise but it later turns out that you need to rely on Celebrity’s Cruise with Confidence offer and must cancel up to 48 hours before the cruise. The terms and conditions for Cruise with Confidence state that you will receive 100% FCC but does that include the previous FCC that has been used as a deposit? I hope my question makes some sense. We are thinking about booking a cruise for later this
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