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  1. Thanks for those explanations. I appreciate the help.
  2. Hi All. We hav ejust booked an NCL cruise and one of the item in our offer was "Prepaid Service Chages" But on our detailed invoice, we are still being charges for Drink Package & Specialty Dining, as well as Gratuities? So..... what is it that is being "Prepaid"? I guess if you want to argue the point, technically EVERYTHING is pretty much prepaid before you sail. Are they using special terminology to trick the guest? Prepaid, Included, Free..... seems somewhat misleading and unnecessarily confusing. We have asked our TA to explain, but wondered if you all have experienced the same thing? Thanks.
  3. I just looked at our cruise and the price is holding at $68.00/day/pp for a 12 day cruise. For the "Deluxe" Package.
  4. Once purchased, is the Booze package refundable prior to the cruise departure? Thanks
  5. Thanks. Google has found me some threads already
  6. Thanks Biker19. I will do some Google work. I am sure I can find some sort of info on what is currently offered. As mentioned, I just want to get a feel for what's available now. It will probably be similar when we sail, other than the price. I always at least get the Soda Package. But the refreshment packages looks tempting.... Not sure I would drink enough alcohol to justify the full blown drink package, but it's something I'd consider.
  7. Hi Merion_Mom. Thank You ! No wonder I couldn't find it on the main web site page. I went into my cruise planner and selected "All Drink Packages" and it said "Sorry, we cannot reserve this right now". I am thinking it's too far out. We don't depart until April of 2021. I was hoping to start researching things now to get a better idea of what's available. I realize prices will change, but I'd like to know what's included in each package and the prices at this time. Thanks again.
  8. Hi All. We are doing a cruise aboard the Ovation and I wanted to look at all the Drink Package options available, along with pricing. I'm interested in the "Refreshment Package" and "Soda Package" as well. I have been unable to find the info on the RCI web site. Can anyone please tell me where to look to find that info? Thank You. :.)
  9. Hi AlanF65. Thank you very much for the link to the Daily's flyer it was very helpful. Tim
  10. We are booked for a 2 week Asian cruise in 2021 and after reading the many reviews here and elsewhere, we are considering cancelling it. I too, am under the impression of more complaints than not, about the Ovation. One area of particular concern is the quality of food. I am left with the feeling that several food venues purchase their food from a "7-11" commissary and that it is not hot, nor satisfying. I don't want to spend two weeks on the Ovation eating Hot Dogs. Please reassure me that there IS a good selection of foods served aboard.... AND that they are of decent quality. I am not expecting 5 star foods, but something a little better than Carnival Line. Thanks to all for their reviews and opinions.
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