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  1. Thanks for sharing that! It does concern me a bit that they did not seem to want to make a commitment to returning to cruising requiring all to be vaccinated (except children of course). I think the crew would be especially important for them to keep them safe and working. Given the Princess age demographic, I cannot imagine anyone sailing and not being vaccinated. I feel like you would be crazy not to. Me and my husband are in the lower end of their age demographic and we wouldn't cruise without being vaccinated.
  2. Clearly a man designed that! lol! Kind of difficult to shave your legs while crouching over underneath the shower water! But, that is good to know!
  3. I love the mini suites for the size and the tub. I don't take baths, but I love that I have a ledge to shave my legs. Those tiny showers do not work well for women IMO. Someone should have built in a small step at the back to put our foot up on to shave. So simple!
  4. Take 5 is just in a strange location IMO. The one time we tried goin in there, they were having some sort of seminar on fitness or some spa related thing. It was during the daytime. It's not a location that is open to passersby where you can people watch. We tended to find ourselves heading to Princess Live! for evening entertainment.
  5. Do also consider that the PBP covers all beverages, not just alcohol. Coffee, teas, soda, milkshakes, mocktails, bottled water. We always picked up some bottled waters for excursions. One day I also worked my way through the Bellini menu in Bellini's. Yum! Oh, and do try the after dinner drink menu! Who knew I would like cognac!?! The almond hot chocolate is super good too! Ok, now I'm just reminiscing...and longing for my next trip!
  6. Prior to Princess I had only been on RCCL. RCCL was fine and I enjoyed it but my recollection is it was far too peopley! I enjoy being able to find quiet spots on a ship other than hiding out in my stateroom. To be fair, my first Princess cruise was also my first time across the pond out of Southampton and we had spent some time pre-cruise in London. Then, we also had a full suite on the CB which has spoiled us and made our European Capitals trip the most amazing experience ever. It was so relaxing and wonderful and when I came back I felt like Princess had made me love cruising. I just
  7. No, club class dining is only available when dining within the club class dining area. Lobster was never the extra entree when we have dined in club class. If I were you, I would not be paying all that extra fare to miss out on the perks you are paying for. I agree with Skynight. Unless you are in a full suite, you are really not getting your money's worth.
  8. No, but I do have a cruise booked this fall and I think I'd cave before I'd cancel it. I think masks are important, but I truly hate wearing them for more than a minute or two. Pretty sure I won't cruise unless all are vaccinated though.
  9. Having been faithful to Princess for a while, we have decided to check out HAL since we saw something that caught our eye and also that they have some offerings Princess doesn't. For instance, they offer free or reduce fares for kids on some sailings (great for taking grandkids), and their staterooms all have a sitting area. On Princess ships you have to get a deluxe balcony to get any type of sofa to sit on in you room. Not saying they are better, haven't sailed with them. Just noticed a couple of differences so far and wondered for those of you who have sailed both Princess and HAL, what
  10. Yep, I love ordering a martini as soon as I sit down in the dining room! I also like trying out the many after dinner drinks with dessert. So fun!
  11. My first cruise was on the CB in a window suite and it was pretty great! Sure did set the bar high! I will say there is a great convenience to being on deck 6 since you walk just a short way to the club class dining room and it's also right near all the action in the piazza. I loved that the espresso bar was very close for my husband to get me coffee in the morning. Also, the entrance to the theater was at the other end of the hall and so we could easily stop by our room on the way back and forth. Do not worry about noise though, since it is in a protected hallway. The only noise we had
  12. I have only had CC dining as part of a full suite and I have to say, it is really nice to show up when I wanted to. That said, I think we found ourselves showing up on a schedule we made for ourselves. I think it's funny how we say we don't want to be on a schedule, but we end up putting ourselves on one anyway. Personally, I'm not sure I would pay the extra money for a CC mini suite just for the dining aspect. CC is just not that much better than regular dining service to me. The menu is the same. If I recall there is always an appetizer and entrée that are special just for CC though an
  13. The rules say you pay the full price of the drink, but I've done it and they have charge me the difference. That may not be the case all the time though.
  14. We have two cruises that got cancelled that had all of those perks with $375 and $475 obc. My TA said he would fight to get those things for us on a new booking but I don't know if it will happen. We are all in the same "boat." lol
  15. I would totally go for a cruise with no ports. I love sea days! Ports are great too, but sometimes a port intensive cruise can leave you with the need for a vacation after you return from your cruise "vacation." I need the downtime and total leisure of sea days to recharge.
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