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  1. I would totally go for a cruise with no ports. I love sea days! Ports are great too, but sometimes a port intensive cruise can leave you with the need for a vacation after you return from your cruise "vacation." I need the downtime and total leisure of sea days to recharge.
  2. We are almost done watching the sixth season and I don't want it to end!
  3. Street tacos...yeah, not sure where they obtained the version they serve, but they are pretty terrible and they make them as though they wish we would complain so they could just eliminate them. Same with the avocado toast. It was that packaged avocado-like paste with a gigantic blob of super thick cheese with bacon or nuts or something. Whatever it was, it was not edible. It was embarrassing. I was so confused. Like, was someone filling in who had not been trained on this food offering and I should try again tomorrow? LOL
  4. Nope, you have to pay for those. But if your room is near a bar just pop out and get drinks and take them back. Did that when we had a lido deck cabin.
  5. I ordered them via the medallion app on the Sky last month. They were not good. I don’t know what options there were since they were delivered.
  6. Gosh, that is a tough one. Itinerary is important, but I have to have sea days. I want to feel like I went on a vacation before I have to go back to work, not need recovery from my vacation.
  7. Pouch of over the counter meds for cold, flu, nausea, band-aids, etc. (better to have if you need it since those are limited and expensive on board.) Pop-up hamper (dollar store item) and detergent pods to do laundry if needed ziplock or swimsuit bag to pack wet swimsuits
  8. Oh, got it! There are sliding doors on each side beyond the bar/pizza/burger area that you enter through. There is a doorway To the left or right that leads to the lido cabins. It’s quiet if you are wondering that. We did not see much foot traffic.
  9. We were in a mini suite on the lido L218 and we loved it! Easy access to all lido amenities. Not sure what you mean about the layout. They are the same as in other decks.
  10. Wow, that is really pretty! I had no idea the rooms differed so much between ships. Which ships are “Sun” class ships?
  11. I had one drink there when we were on the Sky and they gave me a recipe card with the drink. Kind of cool!
  12. We just brought one of these on the Sky and had no issues: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OQ19QYA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. There is always something going on...cooking demos, trivia, MUTS, dancing lessons, karaoke, game shows, production shows, ice carving demo...for starters. People watching is fun! There is a piano player in the crown grill bar like someone else mentioned. There was music being performed in many places around the ship...Princess live, vista lounge, take 5, and piazza. By then you will also have an escape room to try out too.
  14. We really liked 5 skies, but we wondered how most of the pax would feel about it. Hubs is a long time gamer so we got it. I loved the costumes! The Jim Henson thing was not my fave. I was never much into the muppets though. I think they did a good job of providing something for everyone.
  15. Jim Henson inspired silliness is on the Sky as well.
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