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  1. JennSTX

    Tours Plaza?

    I am a travel agent and have many options to choose from and incredible tour companies but this time, because of time, most everything I wanted was sold out. I took a chance on a new one outside of my comfort zone of approved vendors and I was so pleasantly surprised. Benito was our driver and it was just me and my middle school aged son. The weather was very rough on the east and south side of the island and much better on the west side. Benito was amazing and took us on a tour past the military base, governor's house, then onto San Gervasio which I found fascinating but wish I did not pay for the private tour. It was $20 and our guide was so elderly and in such poor physical condition he sat more than he guided us around. Other tour guides were much better and we just got a dud I guess. The site itself was amazing but I do wish we would have had a guide to walk with us the whole way to the pyramid, as it was a bit scary all alone in the jungle on a path by ourselves so we came back. From there we went on to the east side and visited El Mirador (so gorgeous), and briefly took a look at several beach clubs before going to the blow holes which were a highlight of our trip. The waves were so big so the pressure made the spray go 30 feet plus up in the air which was magnificent to see. From there we checked into Punta Sur - but the waves were too rough for snorkeling (which is what we really wanted to do) and we went to Sky reef. We ended up having such incredible visibility that day and with only 1 ship in port - there was hardly anyone in the water, tons and tons of all different species of fish and i could have done that for hours. We spent some great time in the water while Benito waited, drank a drink and ate some chips and then were taken back to the ship. Benito did take us into town for a quick stop to buy towels - and it was a $60.00 stop - the towels were quite expensive where he took us and the tiny wallet I bought was torn on the inside (which you could not see until you took out the fake credit card placeholders). However, i still have the towels, they folded up nicely and we ended up using them (and not ship towels) on our two next excursions and they caught a lot of water but dried overnight so I really like them. All in all, it was very reasonable, we did what we wanted by ourselves with no one else and felt like the whole island belonged to us. I highly recommend Benito and this tour.
  2. JennSTX

    How often is Roatan missed?

    We watched the RCC dock and their passengers get out - but our ship just watched. One of the crew said that had we docked an hour earlier (the RCC ship docked 45 min before us) the winds would have been more favorable. I'm so bummed that we missed this port :(
  3. JennSTX

    Wine question

    [quote name='JawjaFatBoy']Not sure about the pricing. We always take a couple of bottles on in our carry on bags. We wrap them in a foam sleeve and have never had any problem.[/QUOTE] Thank you!!
  4. JennSTX

    Carnival Magic - Wine price question

    Thank you for all the responses, this really helps and gives me ideas. I didn't know about the 5 wine package - I will have to look that up. Thank you, thank you!
  5. JennSTX

    Wine question

    Are the prices for bottles of wine the same if you buy online through Carnival to be delivered to your stateroom (Fun Shops) as they are if you wait and buy a bottle onboard? If they are - then I'll wait. If not, then I think I'd like to buy a bottle before hand. I know I can bring on one - but I'm a clutz and even if I double bag, bubble wrap it'll break or take up so much space I'll waste precious packing room. Jennifer
  6. Does anyone know if the wine prices are the same before the cruise (Fun Shops) for wine as they are in cruise? I know on the cruise the selection is better but wondering if I should buy a bottle now if the price per bottle is much better. I know one bottle is allowed to carry on if declared but I really don't feel like wasting the packing space for the allowed bottle and I worry about something happening and it breaking even if I pack it well I still can't get over the $15 uncorking fee though - I mean I get it but wow LOL. :p
  7. 2 days and I can't wait. I wish I didn't have to work and could just sleep and be there I'm so excited. LOL :)
  8. JennSTX

    Fresh Off The Magic 7/26/15

    The 6 & 8 are pretty easy and you'll find many excursions seems to have a 6 or 8 limit, it's the 4yo that is the wrench for the Feeding Rays, Dolphins or other more active encounter type excursion. But also keep in mind that if you choose Dolphinaris or All About Rays in Cozumel they have many things little ones can do too and swim areas so the older ones can have fun and you can supervise with the little one (provided another adult is next to them in the water with the animals). Another good one for the little one is the submarine - that's got AC (so you aren't sweating to death), it's not too too expensive and it's easy physically. All 3 might be able to enjoy that. The other places (either Jamaica or even the Belize route) your cheapest and best bet or the inclusive beach break-type excursions for your range of kids. Oh or if you don't mind driving...I can't remember which (beach buggy or the other jeep tour) I had friends with little ones that did this one and they had a good time. Hope this helps!
  9. [quote name='mzloolue']Holiday 3x Loved Holiday. Elation 6x. She follows us around. And Triumph 2x Triumph is my current favorite.[/QUOTE] Triumph is a fave even after the "poop cruise" (which I didn't go on - but went after and they did a fab overhaul. Now looking forward to the Magic and I can't wait! :)
  10. JennSTX

    Updated internet on Carnival Magic

    Thank for this post. I work from home and therefore am always expected to be at work and am trying to figure out about internet. Thanks for the response but bummer it's not the new upgraded internet.
  11. Just got back (well yesterday) from a five day cruise with my 7yo son. We had a BLAST! This is the 3rd time I've sailed on the Triumph but 1st since it was overhauled after the infamous "poop cruise". It is SO MUCH better now! They fixed the pool area and it looks amazing and it is so much more fun. The hot tub is no longer smack dab behind glass which made it impossible for anyone on the deck to see anything - now they have TWO new hot tubs pushed back and the new pool is so so so so much more inviting with a shallow ledge around the deep part so that you can sit on the ledge but in the water, moms with babies can have a place to let the little kids splash and you can swim. Our cruise was packed with not as many kids and even with nothing but sunny, calm seas and warm weather and tons of people on the Lido deck it never felt too packed. The burgers were amazing but my son and I prefer dining in the dining room breakfast & dinner - it doesn't feel like a cruise to stand in line at a buffet. The crew were MUCH friendlier and more attentive this cruise, not sure why but it was just much better all around. The magic show was a real Las Vegas-style magic show and I've seen all the other shows, but this one was a real eye popping "wow" show. If you don't see anything else on board, I would definitely watch this one. Shore excursions - Progreso is very intimidating if you don't speak Spanish and we were warned by Carnival staff to not buy any jewelry there because very little, if anything, is "real" or even close to real. We decided to do the all-inclusive Beach Resort day and boy am I glad that we did that. It was perfect, there was a pool, a nice beach, as much food and alcohol as you could drink and a very pleasant drive on an air conditioned bus past mangroves and flamingos. We had a blast playing in the sun all day long. Cozumel - All About Rays & Shopping. I managed to score some amazing pearls and this time I went to the Shopping Info "class" on the boat so I felt a lot more educated on where to go and what to say. If you tell the shopping expert on board the ship (this blond lady named...uhh..Julie??) what you want to shop for she will write your name, give you a VIP card and usually you will even get a free gift for going. All about Rays was a VERY VERY fun excursion. You get to snorkel and see some huge fish, rays and colorful little fish, you get to also spend time in the shallows with the rays that move around your feet and you get to hold them. It's so awesome. Also they do hermit crab races, there are parrots, iguana, snacks & drinks. Also, when you are done with the formal snorkel and shallow part you can swim and jump off of a really fun water trampoline. Great trip!!:):D:)
  12. I have heard several disturbing comments about the 'oppressed' of NOLA and how looting is understood I just want to comment that the looters are NOT indicative of the poor of NOLA. Who wouldn't leave a storm besides ill, elderly and people w/out a vehicle? Mentally ill, addicts & alcoholics. Many probably didn't even realize there WAS a storm. NOLA is home to several regional & state-wide hospitals that are help centers for the mentally ill and people in crisis all the time so therefore it is understandable that there would be a concentration of these people in this city. I lived in the Quarter for over a year. I lived in a tenament off of Esplanade next to the Eggle's pharmacy, I lived on two places on Rampart (I was broke, and white in a mostly black area, but no one cared and everyone treated me nice), I lived on Burgundy and then on Decatur. I saw the Nutcracker at the Saenger. When I lived on Esplanade I used to get up at 4am (I was 17, thin & cute) and put on my waitress uniform and walk down Esplande, down rampart, up St. Peter, down Bourbon and then onto Bienville to the hotel I worked as a morning waitress for many months. I was never robbed, molested or hurt even though walking in a waitress uniform meant I might have tip money. The only catcalls I got were drunk tourists still out - and there was always a local there to tell them to knock it off. Where else could anyone say that? New Orleans took me and my best friend in and comforted is when we were young girls, stupid & naive and stupidly hitchhiking to see the US before we got in college (and thus OLD) & the only people that ever 'hurt' me were tourists. I still fondly remember eating Christmas Eve after midnight mass with a friend's family. They weren't people of means but they gladly accepted me and I got to eat real Creole gumbo at 1am. They didn't care that I was white or a stranger, it was Christmas. BTW, real Creole gumbo has fish, beef & chicken. All of the chicken, beaks & feet & all. And it is DARN GOOD! The looters and such were not 'my' NOLA and were only driven to that by a catastrohic event that even the most educated didn't really believe was happening. Think of the mentally ill, addicts, alchoholics that had been days without meds, a fix or a drink - those are probably 80% of the people you see going crazy. People who can't comprehend the situation and whose whole life is finding ways to maintain their insanity or addiction. Even the young gang members are usually stoned out of their minds or drunk and they all have some serious psychological issues anyway - throw in devastation & anarchy & guns and you have what we've seen.
  13. JennSTX

    Merged Katrina Threads

    I am very proud of my home & current state of Texas for taking in tens of thousands of refugees even though some towns, like Galveston which is already economically depressed with no bus lines or jobs, will be put under crushing financialy burdens because of it. We already will have two ships filled with able-bodied evacuees (the sick & infirm will not be allowed on the ships due to the stairs and inaccesibility issues) who will have no way to get to jobs in a market where even the most skilled laborers wait months to find jobs plus the apartments are $700 a month which with wages being 1/3 below that of Houston make them unaccessible to anyone who makes less than $10 a hour (BS & MS degrees make that in Galveston). The port makes little money off the cruise business - in fact since the cruise lines started they have had one layoff and another one was immenient last Christmas and at the very last moment they were able to stop it. If crippling your own town's economy and straining it's resources to help isn't doing enough than I don't know what is. Shame on Ms. Rice for that last paragraph!
  14. JennSTX

    Elation cruise cancelled

    You can rebook on the Conquest out of Galveston or you can book at 5 day.
  15. I sure hope that you are just completely clueless and have no idea how awful it was to write that. :confused: