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  1. My August cruise is still open with cabins available --Northern Europe Quest, Sirena (Aug 6) I'm next in line for an OS. I've got my fingers & toes crossed it sails. I'm also on the ATW 2022-Im praying that sails.
  2. On our ATW we had a connecting room. The couple next to our room screamed at each other every night! I even called security on them once-only to find at they were actually on the phone talking to family, but since they had poor hearing they didn't know they were screaming. We always knew when they were on the phone, and they didn't care what time it was on the boat-they called home according to 'home time'. it took awhile to get used to that...I think I might still be able to hear them scream.
  3. One of the rumors might effect your ability to board early. Cruise lines are considering timed boarding. No clue if that comes true- or if they will be strict about it. (I suspect they would be stricter at first..) Of course all of this is just different rumors, but it was on the accidentally released Carnaval document that was removed from their website. (I also suspect all cruise lines will follow the same set of rules) Keep up the positive thinking-I miss traveling!
  4. Not sure it matters but the ATW starts in LA then Hawaii then it leaves the states. I'd be fine with a change of starting point. What a huge mess for the company-I do feel bad for them.
  5. LMAO-except for that one time... 😛
  6. Susiesan- Today's plan to pay the August cruise, then when it's canceled move that money to the ATW when that one is canceled. But with how quickly things change-who knows what will actually happen.
  7. TrulyBlonde-Im at 8000' (Black Forest) and it's warm here. 😞 Send some snow this way! 🙂
  8. Usually we have lots of snow. This winter, so far, maybe a foot total, it's very dry and scary. If you are the praying type we could use a couple of huge snow storms here.
  9. yeah that has been our thought as well. 😞 Finals are due March & July.
  10. My husband and I have 2 cruises coming later this year. The August Scandinavia and the 2022 ATW. I am sure will require the vaccine for both. I don't have a problem getting it-but I do have a problem actually getting it. We are both 47 - so, close to the bottom of the list for this. I'm a bit worried we won't be able to get it before either of the cruises. Any thoughts on how Oceania will handle this situation? I understand this is completely guessing, but since that is all we have right now, guess away!
  11. We were on the 2018 Oceania ATW. We used the cruise as our HOHO ship. We hopped off in Africa for 3 weeks, hopped off in New Zealand for 3 weeks, and 1 week in Hawaii and Austraila. It was super easy to do. We did most of the planning ahead of the cruise-then gave our plan to the powers that be for approval. Then once on the ship we got the direct line and emails to the cruise guest specialist-that way they could keep us posted on the ship. Twice the ship had to change the itinerary due to weather, we got the notice and adjusted our plans to meet them in the new dock spot. Easy peasy!
  12. DH and I were on the 2018. We are younger (45 at the time of the cruise) Making us the youngest couple on board. We had a great time-we did some boat excursions, but mainly I did my own research own trips. We hopped off the boat for 3 weeks in Africa and New Zealand. I highly suggest making your own plans when possible. We are *hoping* to be on the 2022 ATW -I can't wait to meet new people and see new parts of the world. Edit to add: If you are planing to do any work on sea days-it's almost impossible to have reliable internet. Have a back up plan.
  13. I was on the 2018 ATW- I never made it to any shows, so I don't know about bringing them onboard. But I do know they offer many dinners out with culture shows for ATW guests only. They were great!
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