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  1. Hi, I'm a mother of three teenagers and have gone on 2 very successful cruises with them and about to go on a third this December. What has work for us is 1) let the kids help plan the excursions so they are invested 2) let the kids hang with their friends during the day but always have breakfast and dinner together 3) ask your steward for multiple Patters so they each know what is going on for the day. 4) make sure they wear a lanyard with the card attached. On our first cruise 2 of our children lost their cards. 5) bring a USB charger with multiple ports - so there are no arguments over who gets to charge their device. 6) make sure they download their devices with music and movies before the trip as sometimes they need a little time to chill away from everything. 7) bring a couple of packs of cards - we have had hilarious times playing all sorts of games and it’s a great way to catch up as you talk as you are playing. 8) get the kids to wash their own underwear when they are in the shower. We use Sard soap. 9) get the kids involved in competitions. Ours have had great fun on treasure hunts, table tennis, soccer games etc. and they meet like minded sporty kids as well. 10) make sure they always use the stairs to burn off energy 11) be patient with them when they are doing their blog, post, snap or tick tock! It’s their way of communicating with their friends and it can actually be a lot of fun for us oldies - especially when you pop your head in in the background and embarrass them! And the the best thing of all - for me - is not having to cook for my swarm of locusts that devour everything in sight. I am pretty sure my 6 footers eat the cost of their fare.
  2. Ok - so this is a little weird. On my iPad the login menu didn’t give me the option put in the name and booking number so I thought I’d try it on my iPhone. The option did come up on the iPhone but also with a required birthdate. I filled it in with my sons name, booking ref and the required birthdate and the birthdate went red again and it said it was invalid. So I thought I’d be a little sneaky and make him one year older but it says the date doesn’t match what is on file so the booking is definitely there - just no one can access it until he turns 18!
  3. I don’t have that option - on Princess.com it gives me the option to login with my email and password or register a new account where I have to put in my sons birthdate which is then not accepted because he is currently under 18
  4. Putting in the birthdate is where I get stuck as it refuses to accommodate anyone under 18 years and says the date is invalid. As for my mother having her own cabin - We do love her dearly but she suffers from the worst case of verbal diarrhoea verbalising every single thought in her head. If I share a cabin with her I can usually only last about 3 days before resorting to hiding around the ship. It’s far better that she has her own room so we can all get a break from the constant chatter.
  5. Hello all, hope you can help me as my travel agent has been useless. I am not new to Princess but this is the first cruise where I have sailed with the whole family in multiple cabins. In December this year I am travelling with my mother in one cabin and my 3 children in a second and my husband and I in the third and I want to access all the bookings but I can only access my own. My family relies on me to fill out alll the info, book excursions and organise the drinks packages etc. I have sorted out my mother’s booking as I have registered her under a different email but I cannot do that with my children as my eldest doesn’t turn 18 until September and it will not let me register him. Do I have to wait until September to see the booking of my children? We can’t be the only family that has children in a different cabin! We have traveled on other cruises lines with the children in a separate cabin and I have never had this problem - I just can’t imagine that Princess wouldn’t have a way to work around this. Thanks and I look forward to your replies.
  6. Yes - I have tried it through my iPad and my laptop as well as through the Au and UK sites. I’m going to ring my travel agent this morning to see what they say. Although - my hubby did mention that maybe they upgraded us and changed the booking reference, however, I’m sure that’s just wishful thinking!
  7. Is anyone else having trouble getting into their voyage personaliser? I had no trouble getting access on the old site but now I keep on getting a notice saying my personal details are incorrect and it won't let me login. Well - I'm pretty sure I know what my name and birth date are! And I have double and triple checked that I have the booking reference correct. What do you think I should do? We are sailing on QM2 on February 12 and I need to sort some stuff out. Thanks in advance.
  8. Is it really true that Cunard will look the other way if I bring a bottle of gin on board? I'd love to have a few gin and tonics on my balcony but don't want my bottle of Hendricks confiscated at embarkation. If you do bring your own spirits can you purchase the mixers from the bars with ease?
  9. I’m not a big drinker so if im going to have a drink I’ll make sure it’s a good one. My fave is Hendricks with a slice of cucumber (don’t you dare come near my Hendricks with lemon or lime!) and either Schweppes or East Imperial tonic. I have also recently tried and loved Tanqueray’s Rangpur gin with lime juice and tonic. Very refreshing.
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