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  1. Neither is AZ in some of the Caribbean, because those countries use the FDA as their de facto approval body... The recent signalling by Fauci et. al. that AZ may never get FDA approval is another real head scratcher. I point this out because you're headed down a dangerous road of vaccine nationalism, while in the same breath condoning the government essentially heavily restricting our movement in the name of a nebulous value like public health. Both of those thoughts individually are problematic, but taken together are just nonsensical.
  2. Case counts are becoming increasingly meaningless, same with positivity rates. People with the sniffles who have been vaccinated aren't going to go get tested. I would expect positivity to go up and test counts to drop out. In terms of hospitalizations per capita, NY is still the highest by far at 246 per million... DC is up there too, and so is NJ. Florida is clustered with four other states ranked 6th-11th with about 154 per million. Hawaii is the lowest at 19 per million, and the wild wild western states are low, too. Could Florida's numbers be lower? Maybe. The northeast as a r
  3. I'm legitimately concerned about that... Especially after Biden said we could have "small gatherings" by the 4th. Umm, you mean the small gatherings we've all been using to fill the void in our lives left by odious (even if necessary) restrictions?
  4. You mean the same lying, cheating media that reported her death?
  5. I could tolerate masks at shows, or embarkation (or other crowded indoor venues). Masks while you're sitting on the sun deck or at an outdoor table... Absolutely nonsensical.
  6. Just... No. Every vaccine ever made doesn't stop transmission of the targeted virus. Varicella and influenza come to mind.
  7. It kills me inside how tone deaf this was... Meanwhile, I'm heading to a wedding this weekend, and walked into a packed bar with zero masks in sight (except the kn-95's DH and I were wearing) to pick up drinks to-go.
  8. Ha, well no older than me. I'm in my mid-30's and am still too old to have been offered the chickenpox vaccine.
  9. No, 150 people could possibly get infected (which would be a small miracle on its own) and go on to develop mild illness (and likely not even on the ship). Hardly very sick.
  10. No way you were required to have a chickenpox vaccine that probably didn't exist in your childhood.
  11. Note I'm not trying to imply masks won't be required... I think we all will probably have to accept hygiene theater in the face of de-fanged, post-vaccine COVID for quite a while.
  12. Or the potential side effects. The calculus just isn't the same for kids... You can see this played out in fact by the truth that 4 doctors on the FDA's review panel refused to advance the Pfizer EUA due to Pfizer's inclusion of 16 year olds in the language... Their reason? 16-18 year olds do not have the same risk, and the potential benefit wasn't strong enough. Four doctors voted against approval for EVERYONE... in the middle of a historic pandemic... because they felt strongly enough that 16-18 year olds shouldn't be included.
  13. Then prepare for failure. Zero covid is not a viable option, and we don't do ourselves any favors by perpetuating the idea that it is.
  14. Maybe if you tried to understand the perspective of the other people here you wouldn't be caught in this repetitive loop. If the ports want to require fully vaccinated ships, well, that's up to them. RCL then has to decide if that's a profitable operating scenario for them. So far, the evidence we have suggests ports are willing to make an exception for kids. As for masks and onboard requirements: seniors who have been vaccinated carry as much risk for severe disease as kids who haven't been vaccinated. The chances of either of them carrying virus after a negative test are probabl
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