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  1. If you zoom in on the map, you can see that the path goes close to the pool, but you do have to get off the path and go through the sand to get to the pool.
  2. I think the paths would be ok for scooters, but the paths don't go a lot of places. You still have to get on the sand to get to the different areas, except for the water park.
  3. My husband's were fairly large, behind the ear hearing aids. They were in a little box with no markings to indicate what was inside. I agree, he shouldn't have brought them--I didn't know that he did. But they took other things, including his watch, sunglasses, and my cell phone charger & cord, so evidently they were looking for anything that wasn't clothing or towels.
  4. We were not very far from shore at all at Chill Beach. The water was pretty shallow, probably not much above my waist. I don't know any way to avoid them since they are very difficult to see. Evidently they are there sometimes, and sometimes not. The water was very murky, with lots of seaweed, so maybe those conditions are favorable for the nasty little critters.
  5. This looks great! If we ever go back, I will definitely consider this! Thank you!
  6. We were definitely in the Chill Island area. South Beach is behind the water park, according to the map. We didn't go over on that side. Not even sure it's open yet. The map shows South Beach open in December 2019.
  7. There were 8 in our group, and it is just too expensive for that many people. Plus we had heard about the long lines and figured it wasn't worth it.
  8. Our thought was that someone quickly stuck their hand in the bag and felt for anything that wasn't clothing or towels, grabbed the stuff and ran. The hearing aids were in a little box, and it wasn't obvious what they were from looking at the box. Whoever it was didn't spend a lot of time looking through the bag.
  9. This was our experience, just sharing for what it’s worth. Trams - Our experience was that trams were few and far between. Be prepared for a LOT of walking. It is a long distance from the ship to the beach and the swimming pool. There are paved pathways through the main areas. Ice/Water – If you go early, fill your mugs with ice and water before you leave the ship. We arrived between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. and went directly to Chill Island. We tried to get ice/water at the Chill Grill but there was no ice or drinks available. They said they don’t open till 10:00. One of the guys took our mugs somewhere and got ice for us, which we appreciated. We ended up at the swimming pool, and the bar there was open and they did fill our mugs with ice and water. Pool – The pool (Oasis Lagoon) is very nice. There is no deep water, so it’s safe and fun for the whole family. If you go early, there is not much of a crowd in the pool, while later in the afternoon it did get a bit more crowded. Food – We found the food to be good. Our family had the Greek salad, cheeseburger, fries, mozzarella sticks, and funnel cakes. Chill Island – The day we were there, the water was murky with lots of seaweed. DD (an adult) and I were on floating mats. The water is shallow a long way out, so we were not in deep water. We hadn’t been out there too long when she had her arms hanging off the mat, and said, “Ow! Something just bit me!” Then it happened again, and she decided to get out of the water. At first we thought it was insects, although we never saw any. When she stood up, her legs were then being bitten/stung by something. It was pretty painful for a few hours, then her arms got numb and tingly, and then later she felt like they were bruised, although no bruises appeared. We weren’t sure what got her, maybe jellyfish? Anyway, our experience in the ocean that day wasn’t good. Watch Your Bags! - They do have lockers available, but we didn’t use them. We had family sitting with our bags most of the day, but there were a couple of times when they were in the pool and I went to the restroom and left my bags unattended. When we got back to the ship, my husband couldn’t find his hearing aids which he had put in a small box in the bag. Also missing were my cell phone charger, his sunglasses, and his watch. He walked back to the island to the two places we had been sitting and searched, but didn’t find anything. We checked with the ship’s lost & found several times over the next two days, but nothing was turned in. We believe someone must have gone through our bags when they were unattended. Costly lesson for us! We didn’t visit the water park.
  10. Do they have any Coke Freestyle machines on Cocoa Cay? If so, where are they located?
  11. I guess I worded my question wrong. There is a button for regular Dasani and one for sparkling Dasani, and then you add whatever flavor you want. Can you just push the Dasani button and not add flavor?
  12. Can you get plain Dasani water without flavor?
  13. Can anyone verify if the rented lounge floaters are allowed in the pool? Or are they just for the beach?
  14. The RCI website shows the price for the floating beach mat at $13.99, which is "20% off onboard price." 1) Will it really be more $ onboard? 2) Will they let you take this into the new freshwater pool, or is it just for the beach?
  15. Thank you SO MUCH for coming back and posting! I dread the chaos, but at least we will know ahead of time what we will be faced with. Our little airport at OKC always looks (relatively) empty, especially late at night, so I just assumed most airports are less busy late at night. Looks like I was really wrong about that! I agree, it sounds like cabs are the best option. I'm really hoping 8 of us can fit in 2 cabs, but if we have to take 3, then so be it. We are arriving on United Airlines. Thanks again for taking the time to post. I realize it has been a LONG day for you!!
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