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  1. Do they have any Coke Freestyle machines on Cocoa Cay? If so, where are they located?
  2. I guess I worded my question wrong. There is a button for regular Dasani and one for sparkling Dasani, and then you add whatever flavor you want. Can you just push the Dasani button and not add flavor?
  3. Can you get plain Dasani water without flavor?
  4. Can anyone verify if the rented lounge floaters are allowed in the pool? Or are they just for the beach?
  5. The RCI website shows the price for the floating beach mat at $13.99, which is "20% off onboard price." 1) Will it really be more $ onboard? 2) Will they let you take this into the new freshwater pool, or is it just for the beach?
  6. Thank you SO MUCH for coming back and posting! I dread the chaos, but at least we will know ahead of time what we will be faced with. Our little airport at OKC always looks (relatively) empty, especially late at night, so I just assumed most airports are less busy late at night. Looks like I was really wrong about that! I agree, it sounds like cabs are the best option. I'm really hoping 8 of us can fit in 2 cabs, but if we have to take 3, then so be it. We are arriving on United Airlines. Thanks again for taking the time to post. I realize it has been a LONG day for you!!
  7. Yes, I know about their shuttle. But since we are arriving so late, our first priority is to get to the hotel as quickly as possible.
  8. Thank you all for your responses! I'm thinking, for a 10 minute ride, how bad can a taxi be? So, if we end up having to take 3 taxis, would it be about $12 per taxi to get from FLL to Embassy Suites on 17th Street? DH & I are paying for our family group, and I will need to figure out how much $$ to hand out for each taxi.
  9. We will be arriving FLL at 10:00 p.m. on a Sunday night. After hearing about poor taxi experiences at FLL, I had thought about using Uber to get us to Embassy Suites on 17th Street. But on second thought, wouldn't it be faster just to take a cab? I understand Uber has a parking area where they have to wait and then come pick you up after getting your order. At that late hour, we will all just want to get to the hotel as quickly as possible. We are a party of 8. Would there be taxi vans available or would we have to take 2-3 taxis?
  10. We have reservations for all the shows. Do we need to get there 30 minutes ahead of show time?
  11. Where do you get the banana pancakes? Windjammer?
  12. If I have the Voom package and am on Wi-Fi calling, can I call someone in their cabin? Do you just dial the cabin number?
  13. Danitroline, this has nothing to do with your question, but I have to tell you I LOVE the pic of your dog!!! SO SWEET!!!
  14. We have pre-purchased the Voom package. Do we have to wait until 1:00 when we access our cabin to get our Wi-Fi code?
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