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  1. We always book a balcony cabin. Feel for Alaska it is the best. Decks can be packed and end up much like deck chairs, hard to find a decent spot, for viewing. Have Ovation booked for July 30, 2021. Deck 12, balcony cabin.
  2. November 2019 on Liberty. Had all 4 cruises cancelled in 2020. So far in 2021 our Adventure and Liberty cruises cancelled. Have Alaska in July, booked on Ovation out of Seattle.
  3. Had April cruise on Liberty cancelled. Just have Alaska in July on Ovation and today booked Liberty again, for October 2021. Hope for the best.
  4. Still have April 4, 2021 booked on Liberty. Got to have hope.
  5. We had Feb 10th on Adventure cancelled. Have Liberty booked for April 4, 2021 and Oct 31, 2021. Still looking for something in August out of Tampa. All 5 cruises we had scheduled for 2020 cancelled.
  6. Big Ceder Lodge, MO. Just a short get-a-way, as a couple. Only place we have gone all year. Did book Liberty out of Galveston for Oct 31, 2021.
  7. Fifth cruise in a row canceled. Next sailing scheduled for April 4th 2021. Maybe it will sail. Sure having trouble using FCC's.
  8. We will be on same cruise. Had a great time 2019 on Liberty. Missed this year due to cancellation. Really enjoy Halloween on the ships.
  9. November 2019 Liberty of the Seas. All 4 cruises in 2020 cancelled. Now scheduled to sail Feb 10, 2021. Guess we will see...
  10. Same here. All changed and visual contrast is not an improvement.
  11. Made final payment for Adventure of the Seas, sailing Feb 10, 2021. If it cancels will be our 5th in a row.
  12. We are also on the Adventure in Feb. From what I am reading no one will be allowed off the ship unless on an RCG tour. We will plan on not leaving ship if that is the case. Every cruise we had planned in 2020 was cancelled. Booked Adventure as a new start for 2021. Hope we sail, last thing we need is another FCC.
  13. Final cruise in November was just cancelled. That makes 4 cancelled in 2020. Took all in FFC. Have Adventure booked for Feb. 2021, Liberty April 2021, Ovation August 2021. Let's hope 2021 is a better year.
  14. Booked on the Liberty Nov 1st. Agree with you that cruise will cancel. This will be my 4th this year. I don't need any more FFC credits. Time to take the refund.
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