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  1. We are in the mind set. Without Grand Cayman may push off cruise until next August.
  2. Don't see any need for Key. Not worth the expense, to me.
  3. Ours came today. Sailing on Liberty Oct 31, 2021. Already sent in our bid. Guess we will see what happens.
  4. Agree with you. We have Liberty out of Galveston scheduled for Oct 31, 2021. Both wife and I are vaccinated. Much as we would like to cruise waiting to see final: Ports Mask Requirements Testing Whole point of cruising is to have a vacation, don't want to feel like we are in lock down.
  5. Sailed her Nov 2019, our last cruise. At that time no. We are scheduled to sail on Liberty Oct 31, 2021. Will respond if no one answers prior.
  6. We were told to expect 30 days minimum. Still waiting.
  7. I would have to pass. Not going to have all my meals in the cabin. Doesn't sound like much fun.
  8. We use cash paid directly to server.
  9. With no delays leaving ship yes. I am from Seattle and traffic can be a mess. You need at least an hour travel time to be safe. Enjoy your travels.
  10. I agree. Still need Port of Seattle opened. Still need CDC to approve sailing. We will wait until 2022 season. Bucket list cruise/trip.
  11. Moved our family vacation to Vegas in July. Had Alaska cancelled for the second year in a row. Maybe next year.
  12. Agree with you. We have also moved to Las Vegas in July, then Mexico in December. Will wait out first sailings to judge changes.
  13. Liberty out of Galveston October 31, 2021. Last chance for this year.
  14. We have sailed Liberty 3 times. Twice in late October and once in April. Weather fine every cruise. We had Liberty scheduled for April 4th, but is was cancelled. Now have October 31, 2021 booked. Great time at the Halloween Party.
  15. Suggest everyone try Emmolo. Jenny Wagner's addition to the family wines. Chuck Wagner's daughter.
  16. We have three booked a year. March for wife's birthday. August for mine. November for anniversary. All were cancelled in 2020. March cancelled 2021. Alaska in August waiting for final word. November is out last hope for 2021.
  17. We also had survey show up today. It was for our next cruise, Liberty Oct. 2021.
  18. Must be on the same page. April 2021 cruise was cancelled. Alaska July 2021, most likely cancelled. Made reservation for July MGM in Vegas. At least we have pools and sun. Lazy River will have to be my cruise ship.
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