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  1. I think it’s only available in Seattle and Fort Lauderdale.
  2. I don’t know offhand if there are any day use hotels in San Francisco but I think the Embassy Suites near SFO does. It would at least put you near the airport. Alternatively, there is luggage storage available at the California Welcome Center at Pier 39. A short walk from the cruise terminal. Store your luggage there and spend the day sightseeing.
  3. The terrace pool on deck 14 does.
  4. Yes, provided both your carrier and your phone supports WiFi calling. It uses your current mobile plan features, ie. call minutes, text limits, etc.
  5. What type of budget are you working with?
  6. YMMV but I did have a couple of occasions to use Wi-fi calling during our cruise last year on Emerald Princess. It worked very well both on land and on the ship. At the time, I was using a Samsung Galaxy S8 on AT&T. I plan to use it again on our next cruise, along with the AT&T International Day Pass (for land only) with my Galaxy S10.
  7. Yes on bringing the kilt!
  8. Who is your current carrier? Some carriers have international roaming that might work better for you.
  9. compozer, here's a link to the service at Marina Bay Cruise Terminal Jack1 was referring to: http://meteoritelogistics.com/baggage-services/
  10. Jack1 thanks for that post. It's a fine alternative to the Left Baggage service at Changi.
  11. You're very welcome. My DW thinks I'm OCD but I beg to differ... Have a great cruise!
  12. You’re welcome. Here’s a link to check if your airline participates in Changi early checkin program: http://www.changiairport.com/en/airport-guide/departing/checking-in/early-check-in.html. Here’s info on the Left Baggage service: http://www.changiairport.com/en/airport-guide/facilities-and-services/baggage-storage.html Airport to central Singapore by taxi is about 30 minutes give or take. We’ve even thought of visiting Universal Studios Singapore on Sentosa for the day.
  13. We also have a late flight (10:40 pm on United) from Changi in February. Our current plans are to leave our luggage at the airport and go back into Singapore. Unfortunately, United doesn’t participate, currently, in the airport’s early checkin program so we’ll have to leave our luggage at one of the Left Baggage counters for the day. We’re arriving a day early for our cruise and touring around then so we’re hoping to hit some of the spots we didn’t get to see while waiting for our flight back home.
  14. Here are a couple of pictures. One is of the balcony itself and the other was taken from the balcony while departing Naples.
  15. You're welcome. The part of the description where it says, "BALCONY ACCESS WHEN IN PORT ONLY" is puzzling because the balcony slider was never locked. The only thing that prevented us from using the balcony was if it was really windy. Also, you had to keep the balcony light off at night so it wouldn't affect the bridge. Our fondest memory of that cabin was during the sail into Venice, the view from that balcony was spectacular.
  16. We like to walk so it didn't bother us in the least. Plus, it made us feel less guilty after all the gluttony we participated in during the cruise.
  17. We were in M103 on a Med cruise and the only reason it was listed as obstructed was because it had steel as opposed to glass at the balcony railing. Also we weren’t restricted to use it only while in port. We used it while the ship was underway as long as the wind didn’t prevent us from being out on the balcony. We loved the cabin and location, wouldn’t hesitate to book it again.
  18. Yes, but cabins on Dolphin are mini suites, not balcony cabins. Largest balconies would be the suites (except for window suites on a few Grand class ships).
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