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  1. I would suggest The Haven on one of the NCL ships or a suite on Viking for them based on the info we have.
  2. Sorry, I just feel there are options that will better meet their needs than Regent. I would not be comfortable booking them unless they told me they would prefer to spend time with people who are 2 generations older than themselves. No negatives implied here (they don't call it the greatest generation for no reason)...just that a 26 year old couple on their 41 day honeymoon might prefer something that is geared a little bit more towards their stated wishes than a 6 star line geared towards the 55+ (is that better?) age group. Just sharing my personal experiences - I am closer to their ages tha
  3. As a younger client myself I would offer an opinion without offense to any. You will be roughly 50 years younger than 99% of the passengers on board. You will be mistaken for staff. When the find out you are clients, most (but not all) will think it is wonderful. The food and service are wonderful. Motion is not an issue unless you are in rough water and you shouldn't be. At 11PM the clients go to bed except for about 5 - 10 who drink for a few more hours. There are not usually scheduled activities past 11. Based on my almost 500 nights on Regent, you might find it a bit dull for y
  4. If they are seen as jeans, you will be asked to change.
  5. It must be working - I haven't heard of a single case of Covid, or even a splinter, from these cruises.
  6. We will see what happens on the first Regent sailing...it will not be the same as the first NCL.
  7. How many of my posts have you read? I have no access to "insider information" and my guesses are sometimes wrong. I have stated this multiple times. Mr. Del Rio hopes to start in July with 60% capacity and move to 80% in August and full capacity in September. This is fact based on his recent letter and subsequent interviews. We know, based on past experiences, that he doesn't play fast and loose with Regent so I am guessing Regent doesn't start when NCL starts. I also don't see the brand being used for 7 day booze runs...that's not the brand's image. Summary - Regent se
  8. This is not true....masks and their usage is still being decided for Regent as they are not starting when NCL does.
  9. By the time Regent sails, all this will be worked out.
  10. If you are new to Regent and are in a Named Suite you might be invited to eat with the Captain or the GM....you may wish a dark suit for this.
  11. I have 6 figures worth and I am not worried at all. Good news is coming.
  12. Pfizer still at 91+% after 6 months according a recent study....extremely good news...certainly good enough to go on a cruise with only other vaccinated people. https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2021/04/pfizer-covid-vaccine-91-effective-least-6-months
  13. New bookings with new money are through the roof. They have a plan and are implementing it. The sky is not falling and we will all be back on board before you know it.
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