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  1. Except Regent's performance has changed over time as evidenced by the spreadsheet...but whatever, a little thread necro might be good for this place. I've got a few I might bring back.
  2. You are responding to posts that are over 5 months old....
  3. Your refund is about 1 week away. We have been tracking these extensively. Sure, it sucks to wait 2 months but Regent hasn't stiffed anyone. Your TA can call and see if the credits were issued and will find out a few days before it hits your card. Obviously they want to keep the business but they have behaved properly...although we wish they would share a little more info. Be patient and you will have it soon.
  4. I enjoyed sitting out back - I thought the very was great and there is bar service!
  5. Just trying to help.....was your post also trying to help?
  6. Does the fact that the deadline is 2022 in the USA help your case?
  7. You will do 3 shots then run an obstacle course...single elimination....to earn spots on board.
  8. I verify directly with the insurance companies rep and get it in writing. I am 100% certain they are getting exactly what they want and need. I can't say the same about using ANYONE else because NO ONE else will take care of my clients like I do.
  9. Yes, I know exactly what they want and what they need and they do not want their business handled or known by anyone else - including whoever Steve is (are you allowed to suggest vendors on this forum?).
  10. Generally speaking, I agree with you. I have no issue buying it for my limited pool of clients because I know exactly what they need and they want me to handle everything. Others may well be better served by doing the legwork themselves.
  11. If the TA makes double the commission on insurance, they should earn that commission.
  12. You are asking the right questions....but just not to the right people. Protect your $100K - get it in writing from the insurance company. Not every company will go over $100K. Most require the policy to be bought and paid for before making final payment on the cruise to cover pre-existing conditions. I can go on but it isn't going to help you unless you verify with your agent/insurance company. Your travel agent should handle EVERYTHING you need regarding this trip...if they don't, they are not earning their commission.
  13. Respectfully, If you are spending over $100K for a WC, you need to have a conversation with your TC and possibly a rep from the insurance company.....not random people on an internet forum.
  14. Here is an excerpt from an email I received about FCC..... "With FCCs, if they are applied to a cruise and that cancels, it does revert to the original terms and conditions. But the “Book By” date is usually pretty flexible. Just need to stick to the sail by date of 12/31/2022. They are not granting any exceptions to have these FCCs go into 2023."
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