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  1. I just made the first draft of my welcome letter for my cruise wedding guests. I am attaching it here to show, I have also had custom magnets made to be put on all of our guests doors so we know where the party people are!
  2. I also recommend getting married in port. I am sailing on the Carnival Victory in May 2018, we have 98 people booked for the cruise and are getting married in Cozumel Mexico. (we are signing the papers before sailing, so technically it will just be a symbolic ceremony and reception) But we have booked the wedding through Nachi-Cocom beach club and it is all so easy and affordable! I highly suggest you look into it!
  3. I am getting married in Cozumel Mexico while in port, on the Carnival Victory. I Have my hair and makeup apt at 12, wedding starts at 4:30. I plan on wearing my dress from 1pm to 3 am lol. We are all meeting up back on the ship after the wedding and I plan to wear my dress and veil the whole time. You only get to wear it once so wear it as long as you'd like!
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