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  1. Hmmm Dirty Martini with blue cheese olives .... yummy!
  2. I agree with everyone else here. My teenage son usually goes a couple of times to meet people, and then they start hanging out elsewhere. We've never traveled with Carnival before - this summer will be our first Carnival cruise - but that's my experience from NCL and MSC.
  3. You're right. Jeez, I sure got some judgy responses here. I am sorry I posted this. It clearly had no purpose since people got hung up on details instead of telling me whether they had experienced random cancellations.... I guess I would get my deposit back up until day 90. My apologies to everyone for the multiple mistakes I have made, which clearly offended. Thank you for taking the time to not answer my question. OK, rant over.
  4. Great. They fixed it. Not sure what happened. I now had three different bookings lol.
  5. Ah sorry. Yes, the DEPOSIT. If you cancel, it's not returned so it might as well a booking fee lol. As for the courtesy hold... No, I booked the cruise and got my documents. And then it was mysteriously cancelled. Time to call.
  6. As I was just posting my question about the current or upcoming Seaside shows, I received an email from MSC that my booking was cancelled per my request. What??? I mean: WHAT???? I did not cancel my booking. I just made it two days ago. And of course, it's too late to call. Has anyone else ever had this experience? I would just rebook and demand my booking fee to be refunded but I am afraid they are going to do the same again. Thoughts? Maike
  7. Hi, everyone! Two years ago, I took a Caribbean cruise on the Divina over the 4th of July week. Last year, I took the exact same cruise on the Seaside (but, yay, in the (in)famous Yacht Club!) This year, I am going to go slumming again (lol, don't worry, I don't mean it) in a regular cabin on the Seaside... same week. Here's my question: I was wondering, if anyone of you knows whether the shows will be the same as last year on the Seaside or a new selection? Thanks in advance! Maike
  8. That’s exactly what I was thinking! The YC is lovely. And really so peaceful. There are a few snobs lol (present company excluded) and some who always have to sound/be important... and that’s okay. It’s the perfect place, everyone is pampered, regardless of self worth or other status. You can tell... I am weird, I an different, I am definitely not wealthy - this vacation took some serious saving on my part - and I fit in just as well ad abyone else. I didn’t socialize much. Only Frank pulled me out of my cocoon lol. Truly, a lovely experience... but if you cannot afford the YC, I think it would have been lovely elsewhere on board, as well... just probably a little busier.
  9. The waitstaff is fine. I had a waiter in the MDR of the Divina last summer who was significantly better than my waiter in the YC. I clearly don’t have the famous Arthur. :-D I did discuss this with another passenger and I assume that HE said something to the Maitre d‘ because all of the sudden the service improved noticeably. The butlers are incredible without exception. I admit I rarely leave the YC. It’s so relaxing and everything is right there.
  10. I don’t mind if showers are small. Is there still a rain showerhead?
  11. Well, I am a girl so I am not too sure about the men’s locker room. I expect it’s like the girls‘ locker room. There are plenty pf lockerd in various sizes and you open/close them with your card or bracelet. If you purchase a thermal pass (or if it’s included in your experience), you may use the thermal area of the spa at your leisure. Opening hours are 9-9. There are no unisex saunas. So you share it with the girls who would probably prefer to have you wearing swimming trunks ;-) So, the thermal area has two dry saunas in which the temperatures differ a bit. You also have two steam rooms with different lighting. There’s a whirlpool tub, a snow room (wonderful after that sauna!), a salt relaxation room, a Kneipp room (alternating cold and hot showers). You have different types of showers including breeze and storm and rain. There are also regular showers in the locker rooms.
  12. I don’t know whether I would’ve been denied a lounger. I did NOT ask for one. The first impression was fine! I did not make it sound like embarkation was a bad experience - just not as efficient as expected.
  13. Well, the royals have loungers. So I don’t think they are considered fire hazards here. I admit I haven’t ASKED for one but honestly, my question remains: Why have a large balcony if you cannot use it? Why not put one lounger on every YC balcony. Two wouldn’t fit but one plus the chairs easily. Or put a real table on the balcony so that people can dine there comfortably.
  14. The cabin is large in my opinion. Other YC passengers thought it was small, not sure why but in my opinion it is large. We have a deluxe suite. The balcony is large as well. It would greatly improve with a lounger. Why there are just two small chairs and a footstool I don’t know. What’s the purpose of a large balcony then? I love sitting on my balcony but I was thinking that for me, an inside cabin would have been enough because the public YC areas are so quiet and comfortable. The shower is absolutely wonderful! I love it.
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