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  1. At one time, B&B was available pre-mixed in the Liqueur section of the liquor store. I know this because I used to buy it. One night, at a hall party, a friend had a terrible cough, so we decided that some B&B would help. (Yeah, young and dumb!) I had a recently-purchased bottle of it in the trunk of my car. So we stood in the parking lot taking turns swigging from the bottle. In the dark and cold. For the record, B&B is not an effective cough syrup. Nor is it a good idea to cut one's hair after drinking B&B. (reminder, we were young and dumb 😉 ) Thanks for that memory! And thanks to everyone who posts in this thread, the best thread on CC. ❤️ I read it faithfully, though I seldom say anything.
  2. Just a friendly reminder to pace yourselves 😉 We have only attended one special dinner, and there was a champagne reception to start. The champagne flowed and flowed. A few in our group had to decline some of the wine pairings at dinner, due to the amount of champagne some of us had consumed at the reception. The one and only we attended was around $100 pp or $110 including wine pairings, IIRC. That's several years ago, (2015? 2016?) so the increase in price isn't out of line imho. We found it to be an excellent value, and would do it again if we ever have the opportunity, even at the higher price.
  3. I don't think that's a reasonable expectation right now. In the future, when things get more settled, it probably is, though the best PCC I ever had almost always returned my calls the next day.
  4. I can't find our pictures of Guaymas. As a matter of fact, I have "misplaced" a bunch of our travel, kid, and pet photos. Good to find this out, I guess. I'll be going through all my memory cards as time permits, and if I find the Guaymas pictures, I will start a thread and post them 😞 I'm pretty annoyed; overall I am missing 1,000s of pictures (probably only 25 or 30 of Guaymas, though). Sorry, folks!
  5. I'm with you 100% 😉 Have been to Guaymas a couple of times. I'll try to find some pictures. One vivid memory is how welcoming the people were. There were residents wearing blue t-shirts emblazoned with "Can I help you?" everywhere, watching out for the visitors, offering help to everyone who passed by.
  6. Hank, my apologies for having quoted you and only you. There were certainly other posts I disagreed with that I could have included/quoted as well. I'd settle for McDonalds right now. 😉 I guess my primary point was really about perspective. For me (and for some others, I suspect), right now, being in the MDR would be an upscale experience.
  7. Well, let's see. For me, dining on a HAL ship? Do I have to scour the grocery store flyers finding food that fits in our budget and accounts for all the allergies/intolerances/preferences in our family? No Do I have to go out and acquire that food, making sure I don't overspend our pretty restrictive budget? No Do I have to actually COOK the food and listen to the complaints that are likely, with our kids and ourselves pretty sick of eating what meets our nutritional needs AND stays within our budget? Also no So.... after being effectively housebound for 18ish months, taking care of all the food needs for the household, I'd be happy if someone offered me pretty much anything that is on any of the HAL menus. Do I think it is likely I'll be fortunate enough to select something from a HAL menu in the next year? That's a VERY BIG no I'd do pretty much anything to be able to sit in the MDR, and choose one of the offerings. And I would be delighted.
  8. My point was that tagging someone is likely more effective than JUST starting a thread that the person may or may not see. There is a notification area at the upper right of the Forum with with an envelope symbol and a bell symbol, and when you are signed in you get a notification that someone has Liked, or Thanked, or Tagged, or Quoted you or your post. There's nothing like that if your name is just mentioned in a thread title.
  9. If you tag him like this @atexsix he will get a notification next time he is signed in on CC. Since I tagged him, he will get a notification, you don't need to do it.
  10. @grapau27 the lady who is featured in many of your pictures has a great sense of style. She consistently looks **fabulous** I am in awe of her 🙂 Please pass that along. >going back to "lurk" mode<
  11. Yes. Mistaken for a casino dealer. Got a bit of verbal abuse from a guy who felt he needed to let me know how "crooked" the casino was. Learned my lesson -- I will never wear black pants and white shirt, regardless of spectacular accessories, on a ship ever again.
  12. Thanks for taking us along on your cruise. I've really enjoyed your Live thread 🙂
  13. That is so accurate and on-target , it needed to be quoted. Thank you. ❤️👍
  14. Sending best wishes to @rafinmd for tomorrow's procedure. ❤️
  15. I'd say board on the 18th, because you'd be doing the mountain part of your trip the week before, when the mountains have greened up, have long hours of daylight, and slightly before peak tourist season. Also a fairly good chance of seeing wildlife with young of year. Some of the mountain waterfalls should be pretty spectacular due to snow still melting in the back country.
  16. The careful timing required to successfully transit Seymour Narrows may make your plan unworkable.
  17. I'm with your husband on this. I'll stick with wine 😉
  18. We need more of that type of feel-good story ❤️
  19. @rafinmd I will take your cheeseburger 😄 POWs, the MIA, and their families certainly deserve any and all recognition they may receive ❤️ Shanah Tovah to those who celebrate!
  20. We are very sad to hear this. Ryndam was the first ship my DH and I cruised on together. She's the reason DH got hooked on cruising. I tried and failed to cruise on Pacific Princess one Alaska season. Sigh... 😞
  21. I don't always contribute, but I always read the Daily. Thanks to everyone who makes the Daily so uplifting and warm-hearted!
  22. Please realize that as we start spending more time out of the house (for whatever reasons, whenever that happens) some of our pets will experience separation anxiety. It is important that you ease them into getting used to your absence again. Don't just one day return to work for 8 or 9 hours, and expect your pet(s) to adjust. They need practice at being on their own ❤️
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