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  1. Paulette, these were drink vending machines, not Coke Freestyle machines.
  2. These issues were brought up as areas for improvement and not a major slam against RCI. They should always be looking for ways to improve and/or be as good as they used to be. That's why they have feedback surveys and why we have a Cruise Critic forum. Some think that any negative against RCI is evil and instead should be looking at it as a way that their favorite cruise line can get even better. I know the crew works very hard and get tired of being "up" all the time but it seems to me that the more you get to know your customers and engage in conversation, the more enjoyable your job would be.
  3. The drink machines were in the gym area itself and had a sign on them that they were "down for maintenance".
  4. After discussing with my wife we are thinking that the reason the staff's attitude isn't as good as it once was is a result of the fixed gratuity policy. Where before the staff was going out of their way to talk to you and get to know you and provide good service in hopes of a good tip now they know they'll get something and I imagine most people don't tip on top of the 18% unless it's for exceptional service which is mostly not given. Battchief1, our Junior Suite on Deck 9 was like an icebox (my wife likes it cold) so it sounds like an A/C problem with your room. Ajrobey, I'm still talking about the answer you gave to the whoopee question! You guys must have been really desperate! :eek: DaKahuna, we ate at Pancho's Backyard as well and were happy with the food but it was just too dang hot to eat outside. Did the 12-metre sailing excursion and had a blast. Best excursion we've ever done. I agree with your statement that RCI used to be able to make a cruise really special in the past and it's just not the same... Tendering for us was easy as the excursion we booked met in the theater and we all tendered as a group, this was a great idea on RCI's part. Even with all the little nits, it was still a fun cruise and we had a wonderful time. We won a free Cruise DVD from the drawing for the onboard shops and a $500 art auction credit after buying ~$4000 worth of art.
  5. We didn't do any specialty dining, no. Felt that for what we paid the MDR should be sufficient! As I said, we've sailed RCI several times in the past and it seems as though they are in cost-cutting mode now. Haven't experienced any other cruise lines but Carnival which is no comparison. May try Princess next as we've got friends who have sailed both and say that everything is a notch better on Princess.
  6. My wife and I just got off FOS Western Caribbean cruise on Sunday and I wanted to share some constructive criticism with the board. We have cruised with RCI several times in the past with our latest cruise being about 4 years ago. This was our first time on the Freedom of the Seas and this class of ship. While a beautiful ship, its definitely showing its age. The crew was always working on something or cleaning so they are trying to keep it up. Gym - I was a little disappointed in the gym. It had a lot of equipment but several pieces were down for maintenance and the dumbbells needed replacing years ago. They had towels to use and water fountains but the drink machines (2) with bottled water were down for half the cruise. Room - We had a Junior Suite with a great balcony and beautiful room but with a few small issues: the water would never get cool or cold only warm or scalding hot. The coffee pods (Starbucks) provided were too big for the coffee maker causing water and coffee to spill all over the table and not in your cup. Tried several methods to put them in to no avail. Dining - The MDR food was good but our server was not very friendly or communicative. She messed up our orders or forgot something a few times. When I asked for a black napkin on formal night to not get lint all over my tuxedo pants she looked at me like I had two heads. After about 15 minutes they dug one up for me. On the second formal night they had it ready. Do they not train waiters on this anymore or do not enough people dress up anymore so they don't worry about it? The Windjammer food was very good, better than past cruises and the staff more helpful to clear tables and help people. Still a madhouse in the morning trying to find a table. Ports of Call - Grand Cayman was nice and so were Costa Maya and Cozumel. Only gripes were the people coming out of their stores to try and get you to come inside. My wife was really bothered by how aggressive they were. As far as Roatan, Honduras goes they can keep it... Very dirty, very poor and very sad place to stop. We did the Eco Tour which was cool but had a tour guide (Michael, AKA Batman) who was a little too much for many with his off-color jokes and non-stop talk about tipping. VOOM Internet - This should be called "Molasses" Internet. We couldn't connect half the time and never on my wives laptop, only on our phones. Very slow and very unreliable connection that only worked if you stood by the cabin door. I've asked them for a refund but bet I'll never hear anything. I put all this on the survey they send you but wanted to share with the board as well. RCI is still a good, but not great, cruise line.
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