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  1. We just booked for the night before at the Hilton on the water. It was $100 Cdn cheaper on Expedia than on the Hilton site. I have both Hilton Honors and CAA/AAA discounts. I hit the "chat" function and complained and they have a lowest price guarantee. I got the Expedia rate minus 25%! We are now trying the same thing on our other hotel reservations. Viv
  2. We watched carefully as well. So many Canadians are refusing to go through the US that competition is way down on flights out of Vancouver. Cutting it into two segments and going Cathay Pacific through Hong Kong on the way back worked out way cheaper. Plus we took 3 nights in Hong Kong. Viv
  3. After living in Vancouver for over 10 years and then retiring to the country, my husband and I decided to do a Vancouver staycation day last week. We took the West Coast Express into town and with a day pack and walking shoes, looked like tourists. As I was topping up my Compass card at Waterfront Station, a woman wedged in next to me and tried to sell me her Compass card with "$100 loaded on it" for only $50 because she was leaving town the next day. She was right in my face, so I said, "Sure, give it to me and I will do a quick tap to check it" and she quickly took off. I reported it to Security and they said others have complained. File this in "if it sounds too good to be true."
  4. Sally Forth

    Southampton Hotel

    We did, too. Nothing fancy but it was bright and clean and easy to pull our own luggage over. Viv
  5. No, this is true. Not one bit of anger or button pushing from me. Before this happened we were happily singing "Lineman for the County." Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. He and his wife started to talk about the Delta Smelt in California. I know nothing about this issue so asked for more info. He said he'd like to shoot environmentalists who stop industry from expanding. I said sometimes there isn't a choice other than to stop industry while choices are designed and explained about how my family worked with the power transmission company for a good outcome. Then he said he would have to shoot me AND the frogs we saved. I jokingly said it's not likely he would get his guns over the border and then I realized he wasn't joking. He said I'd better believe he could get them over the border if it was his rights that were being threatened. At that point my husband and I moved. Another man sitting in between us came up to me the next day and apologized for not stepping in but thought the man might take a swing at him. I agreed that any response would have just escalated the issue., Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. But he was also drunk and I was pretty sure he didn't have a gun on him. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Ditto! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. I should clarify. I didn't just mean other people! I was kind of blaming myself for getting sucked into it. This conversation started as a friendly "getting to know you discussion" where we were talking about invasive/endangered species in Australia with another couple and a man sitting near us. My husband and I were explaining how my family saved an endangered species in Canada. The other couple became so loud and abusive we had to move. As in the man literally said he would shoot me! And the Concierge Lounge isn't really a public place. I've paid for my right to be there. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. We have started going to the lounge at 4:30 to avoid a couple of blowhards on board who need to bleat about their country's politics. I guess nobody told them about avoiding discussion of politics, sex, and religion with people you don't know! The Concierge Lounge used to be a quiet dignified place for conversation. Not on this cruise. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. I was on a cruise with my mom and sisters. My DH and one of my sisters arranged for my birthday gift (50th) to be brought to the table by singing waiters under a silver dome. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. We hit Diamond on our trip leaving April 18. We are very excited because that means we can now go with our cruising friends to the big kids lounge before dinner. I am also close to the equivalent on NCL but my DH is far behind because I have 33 cruise days with my mom. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Sally Forth

    Tip in Speciality Restaurants

    I also read that article. I am by no means a newbie cruiser and have broken Rules 1, 3 and 4. If I like the service, I tip. Having a pool waiter who brings you fresh delicious drinks on crowded busy days is worth $1 here and there. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. I paid $75 on NCL for a nurse consult, $55 for urine test for UTI and $25 or so for meds. A small portion of this was covered by our provincial health insurance. I submitted to travel insurance for consult and tests and my work insurance for the meds. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Sally Forth

    What did you buy in Alaska

    LOL! I read "jams" as "jeans." Which brings up that if you use cheater glasses for reading, there are some really pretty ones with native designs on the arms of the glasses. Sent from my iPad using Forums